The World’s First Bollywood Theme Park in Dubai

Friday, June 1, 2018

1.A B’ town lover’s haven

How big of a Bollywood fan are you? Big enough to imagine taking selfies with the stars, big enough to spend a day in their company big enough to be a part of the fictional world sometimes, that they are part of?

Don’t you worry! The world’s first Bollywood theme park is one of the coolest offerings Dubai has in store for you. Know more about other cool places to visit in Dubai with SOTC Holidays.

The theme park is divided into zones, with some cool rides, concepts based on some of Bollywood’s biggest hits, including Sholay. Yep, you read that right!

The park has a total of 30 live shows across 6 stages. There are also restaurants covering every length and breadth of Indian cuisine.

So, without any further delays, let’s get down to what all you can expect when you step into the magical world of romance, comedy, action, dance and fireworks.

2.Mumbai Chowk

This uber-cool street-style zone is a tribute to Bollywood’s hometown, Mumbai. Here’s the fun part, expect a ride called Don The Chase, a 3D motion tunnel ride that has visitors chasing criminals across Dubai. Oh and the Dubai Police are part of the ride.

3.The Rustic Ravine

This one is a must try for all the 80-90s kids especially. Themed around the villages of India, this zone offers you a chance to hunt down the iconic bandit Gabbar Singh in an interactive 3D ride where you have to try and escape him and his army. P.S, you will be given laser guns for your protection.


An indoor zone starring Aamir Khan features carousels and motion simulators taking viewers to the legendary cricket match that made the movie what it is. Kids! We are just saying, all your cricket fantasies might just come true.

5.Bollywood Boulevard

This zone is one of its kind. It features Crossroads, a grand theatre with giving performances and bringing in the magic of both the old and new Bollywood hits into one stage.

6.On Zone

MAGIK performs here LIVE every night at this huge restaruant. Need we say more?

7.The Mughal-e-Azam restaurant

You want to travel back in time and experience royal ‘shahi cuisine’ in its authenticity? This Bollywood classic themed based restaurant is where your taste buds and mind will get exploded by its sheer beauty.

8.Bollywood Film Studio Featuring Hall of Heroes

This area shows you how the heroes were made – from running with the bulls to flying to even posing with Bollywood actresses.

The main attraction however are the Hall of Heroes rides dedicated to Krrish (aka Hrithik) as he saves Mumbai from aliens. Of course, you can join King Khan on the RA.One Unleashed ride, a 4D theatre experience where you can experience the fight between good and evil.

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