What’s Your Theme In Singapore?

Monday, June 4, 2018

Singapore is the most sought-after tourist destination for adventure and recreation. No wonder it houses myriad theme parks that not only offer unlimited entertainment but an action packed experience. Read on to walk the aisles and rise to the highs of the best Singapore theme parks.

1.Universal Studios Singapore

The newest addition to Singapore’s Theme Park is the Universal Studios on Sentosa Island. Opened in March 2010, it now opens up to 7 themed sections that bring Hollywood alive. The ‘Sci-Fi city’ has never- ending adventure, ‘Ancient Egypt’ gives you the experience of the ‘Revenge of the Mummy’ ride, ‘The Lost World’ takes you to the world of dinosaurs, ‘Waterworld’ takes you to the thrilling rides of the water kingdom. You can also enter into a fairyland with the ‘Far, far away’ section or go completely wild at ‘Madagascar’!

2.Haw Par Villa

This park was made by Aw boon for his brother, the maker of the successful Tiger balm. No wonder this place is also known as the ‘Tiger Balm Gardens.’ Haw Par Villa is a theme park constructed around the heroes and legends of Chinese mythology. It presents to its visitors vibrant plaster and concrete figures that portray the stories of Chinese mythology. The limelight here is the ‘Ten Courts of Hell’, which depict the various punishments suffered by men and women for sloth, indulgence, gambling, drinking and adultery. Also get entertained continually by the roller-coaster boat rides, water gardens, Thai dances and multimedia performances of Chinese legends and myths.

3.Escape Theme Park

If you are looking for the Singapore’s biggest outdoor theme park, then you need to visit the Escape Theme Park. Get on the rides to yell and scream on the nerve wracking rides such as the Inverter, Revolution, Rainbow or for the courageous the Alpha 8.l. The ‘Wild Wild Wet’ section here touts of a 3 storey high raft water slide that is one of its kind in Southeast Asia.

4.Tang Dynasty City Theme Park

This theme park has beautifully recreated the Chinese village of Chang’an which is presently known as Xian. Walk back in time by experiencing the exact replica of the Tang reign. The show stealer in this theme park is the 10 m high stone wall which bears a great resemblance to the Great Wall of China and the terracotta statues of the 2000 warriors which were revealed underground in China way back in the 1920′s. Another experience here is the talking statue of Mao and several other Chinese historical figures at its aesthetically made Wax Museum.

5.Singapore Science Centre

If education is your theme then walk straight in to the Singapore Science Centre to know about the wonders of science and to witness over 1,000 interactive exhibits. Be it the Waterworks, the fun water maze made up from water jets or the Bioethics Exhibition to learn more about Dolly, the cloned sheep. You can even see the Space Science Exhibition or the Fire Exhibition to see more of fire and its chemical reaction. Take a promenade into the Magic Land that keeps you au courant with the progress made in the field of communication. Learn more about mixed reality, tangible interaction and 3D-live human capture technology.

6.Fantasy Island

To beat the heat in Singapore a visit to this theme park is a must. Dip into the inviting waters and dive into sheer excitement on the innumerable water rides here. Also see the most vibrant aquatic underwater world and interactive zoo.

7.Snow City

If it’s not water that cools you off then chill off at the Snow City throughout the year. This theme park is a part of the Singapore Science Centre and has adventure sports such as snowboarding, skiing and snow tubing down a snowy slope that will take you to the best winters ever!

There are various activities like snow tubes, snow ball fights and interactive sessions for the kids. Apart from these games there are scopes to learn other snow activities from the experienced trainers and instructors who can guide and teach the tourists. The most knowledgeable session showcases different experiments and programs on ‘low temperature’ to give kids clarity on world’s changing climatic features.

8.NEWater Visitor Centre

If you’re thirsty for some more knowledge then the NEWater Visitor Center will surely quench your thirst. Primarily stressing on public education, it explains the progress in water purification technologies for the production of NEWater in water-thirsty Singapore. Expert guides will take you through the learning using multi-media displays.

So whichever theme you choose Singapore has a park for it already! Be it exciting adventure, increasing education, thrilling water sports, mystical fantasy world or a combination of all – What’s your theme in Singapore?

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