Wayanad, the Idyllic Land of your Dreams


Thursday, August 30, 2018

Live under thatch roofed hut, walk in the woods; be close to nature: the perfect country life of Wayanad welcomes you. Known for its sparse population and a lot of greenery, Wayanad is the perfect gateway to make the real you come to the fore. While being in the area you don’t look for any particular point of interest; you would fall in love with the place as a whole. It seems the beauty of the Western Ghats also increases its charm in the area and undulating waves of the hills are high at one place and of low altitude at the other. It has significant terrains of plains also. The place is the perfect destination for an adventurous soul.

Image Source – https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/9/9a/Wayanad_Churam_thamarasseri.jpg

Image Source – https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/7/7c/Chembra_Peak.JPG

Every adventurous soul would look for challenging trekking destinations and Wayanad is full of that. A trek to Chembra Peak, the highest point in Wayanad, would present such mesmerizing vista for you that you would bow in reverence of the beauty that nature has. Just below the summit is the lake Hridayasarasu and it is such beautiful adornment to the beauty of the peak that you would just want to stay there for long. Before going for the summit, keep in mind that it requires permission from the forest department to climb there.

Image Source – https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/6/6e/Edakkal_Caves.jpg

Another challenging trek is towards Edakkal Caves. These are set of two caves and the carvings on the walls are more than eight thousand years old. The trek is a difficult one and considered unsuitable for kids and elderly people. Lakkidi Viewpoint that receives the second highest rainfall in the world is another lush green beauty that would pull you towards itself. The vantage view of the gorgeous valley from the point is something you would cherish for the life time. Wayanad has night camping options as well and looking at the stars in the thick forest would give your life another, more beautiful meaning. There are wildlife and bird sanctuaries also that would introduce you to the ethereal beauty of nature.

Image Source – https://www.keralatourism.org/images/destination/large/neelimala_viewpoint20131031111545_423_1.jpg

Neelimala Viewpoint that presents the vista of Meenmutty Falls is another place that would augment your love for nature. The fall itself is among the most pristine places in Wayanad and is such a picturesque place that looking there you would tend to think that you are in dreams. Visit to Soochipara Falls is another rejuvenating experience that you must go for. You can also throw a treat to your eyes while going to the falls as tea plantations would adorn you path all the way to the falls. A visit to Pookode Lake is a must include while planning your Wayanad holiday packages. The lake is shaped like the map of India and would sure to bring joy on your face with its pristine blue waters. There is Kuruva island also, home to variety of flora and fauna. The island is uninhabited and is bound to take you close to nature.

If such beautiful place is so close to you, not visiting it would be an injustice to your aesthetic self. Book you Wayanad tour packages with SOTC now and take yourself on a journey to sooth your senses.

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