Uttarakhand, the spiritual abode with cool climes

Monday, June 4, 2018

Mother Ganga has chosen Uttarakhand to come down and meet all those who worship her. The land must be the holiest as no ordinary land has the power to hold her calmness and fury at the same time. It is in Uttarakhand that you can still drink the water directly from the river as her pristine traits are unspoiled in this holy land. The habitations alongside the river would take you to an era where forests and human beings were still living in blissful harmony. The places are named after numerous lakes and valleys that are there and the state is considered as heaven for all the spiritual as well as adventurous souls as it has trekking, camping as well as water rafting facilities.

Char Dham, among the most auspicious of the pilgrimages for a Hindu is in Uttarakhand. Badrinath, Kedarnath, Yamunotri and Gangotri, all the places of Char Dham are considered holiest in their own right and if you visit all of them, you will have the blessings of all the gods. A visit to Gangotri, where the river Ganga comes out of the mountain glaciers, not just has spiritual significance, it tells us how nature showers her bounties on us and gives us her blessings. Yamunotri adds more blessings to you. Visits to Kedarnath and Badrinath certainly has spiritual aura but even if you are not spiritual, the adventurous soul in you would certainly crave to go to that place. While going from the plains, Rishikesh is the place that comes first and introduce you to what is in store further. The flow of the river Ganga creates such melodious music that you would forget all kinds of music that are created electronically. To add symphony to that you have Vedic chants echoing in the environment in Rishikesh. When you walk on Lakshman Jhula and look down at the river flowing beneath, you would have a mesmerizing experience. Your Uttarakhand holiday packages must also include Haridwar in its itinerary. It is this place that opens the doors to the world of spirituality; the world of godliness.

Nainital, the place itself is named after the lake Naini and a city that has lake at its centre stage is bound to be beautiful. Besides Naini lake, the city has Sat Tal also; the congregation of seven lakes. The other tourist attractions in Nainital include Mall Road, Nanda Devi temple and Tiffin Top. Mussurie is one place you can’t ignore while being in the state and a must include in your Uttarakhand tour packages. Dehradoon is also there to enchant you.

When such a blissful place is there in your own country, there is no reason you should stop yourself from going there. Just break all the barriers of your daily life and take the journey that you love. SOTC is there to make your journey to Uttarakhand an affair to remember for the lifetime.

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