Unleash your inner animal lover at FARM IN THE CITY in SERI KEMBANGAN

Monday, June 4, 2018

Ever wondered, while watching National Geographic Channel or Discovery featuring the wildlife, that if it could ever be possible that you can observe and even pet these wild, exotic creatures, up close and personal?

Any amount of open safari in the jungles of national parks and wildlife sanctuaries can only provide the thrill of observing these gorgeous beasts. But what if we tell you, there is a place, tucked away in the Seri Kembangan town of Malaysia called the Farm In the City that not only allows you to pet the animals, but also feed them as well, at the same time sometimes!

Yes!  You read that right! Farm in the city is every animal lover’s paradise. Almost a 100 species are on display behind glass walls or in open compounds. The farm makes sure to not put the creatures behind barred cages.

Without further ado, let us tell the things you must experience when you visit this beautiful farm:

1.Feeding the tortoises, deer and cows
If they sense you are carrying food with you, they will follow you.

Fun tip: They love to gorge down on vegetables especially so don’t forget to carry raw veggies with you on the trip.

2.The Reptile Cavern
If you are in to get up close and personal with some danger, dare yourself to take walk through this glass cavern filled with giant pythons and all other kinds of reptile. Know where your fear lies and brave yourself to face them.

3.Rabbits and hamsters farm
Are you ready to get attacked by a train full of adorable? No one can resist the charm of fluffy rabbits and chubby hamsters. So, feel free to feed them with veggies and fruits in abundance, and occasionally cuddle them a little.

4.Lonkang Fishing
Longkang means drain in Mala, is traditional fishing activity that was invented by the older generation of Malaysia where people used to catch fishes straight from the drain. The Farm City lets visitors travel back in time and experience catching fishes from the drain, all over again. And yes, it is as fun as it sounds.

The farm has a lot of exotic creatures too – Iguanas, porcupines, racoons, rare turtles, skunks, prairie dogs and more.

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