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Monday, December 31, 2018

Traveling is an art. However, not many are born savvy travelers. There are times when you learn from on-the-road experience. As you start traveling, you are bound to make a lot of mistakes. Say, you forgot to carry your hoodie for you did not know the country you are visiting likes to play with weather or even missed out on getting the translator. Travel savviness is often born of silly behavior, tiny errors, missed buses and so on. The list can go on and on.

It is not that a savvy traveler does not make mistakes. After all, ‘Mistakes Make a Man Perfect,’ isn’t it? Slowly and steadily you will master the art of traveling. To help you speed up the process a little bit and to ensure seamless holidays, here are some travel tips and hacks you should be aware of:

Pack Light

It is completely fine to wear the same t-shirt for two days in a row, but taking half your wardrobe is a complete no. To simplify this, list down all the essentials and pack only half of it.

Use No-Fee Bank Cards

Why give your hard-earned money to the bank, right? You can keep this money to spend it on your travels. Ensure you get a credit or debit card that does not charge a foreign transaction fee. You might think they are just a few dollars, but the end results will be satisfying.

Do Not Be Afraid To Be Lost

Give your map some rest it deserves and gets lost in a city purposely. This is one of the best ways to unravel the hidden treasures that not many people talk about. It is a great way to know a destination, the locals and meet other tourists.

Carry Extra Copies of Passport and Other Documents

Nothing can be worse than losing your documents and passport while on a foreign trip. Having a copy of your passport works great if you lose and have to report it to the police.

Learn Some Basic Phrases and Words

The best way to interact with locals is to speak in their language. Say, if you are traveling to France, take some effort to learn basic words like Bonjour (hello), Au revoir (Goodbye), Merci (thank you) and so on.

Grab a History Book

There is no point in visiting a historic destination without knowing its past. Read up on the destinations you are going to visit. This further offers a great understanding of the place you are visiting.

The list is quite large, but for now, this would suffice if you are traveling to a certain destination for the first time.

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