Top Reasons Why Andaman is the Perfect Honeymoon Destination

Monday, June 4, 2018

Andaman is a perfect blend of serene beauty, beaches and turquoise waters. There is no other place you can compare with, if an exotic and peaceful honeymoon is something that you and your partner want. The island will offer you whatever you need and will surely give you and your partner a perfect start before you start a new life.

Here are some reasons as to why you need to spend your honeymoon at this tropical island:

1.Uninhabited Islands

Absent from the chaotic and hustling city life, Andaman sums to be the perfect getaway you and your partner have been craving for. As the population of this island is quite scant, the beaches and islands here are just immaculate and so pure. You can take a tour of the relaxing beaches of Elephant Island, Long Island or Corbyn’s Cove to discern a sensation together that you have never felt before.

2.Spectacular Biodiversity

The island is home to some majestic flora and fauna and has a remarkable biological diversity. You and your partner could go exploring the same and carry a nice camera to capture the breathtaking sights here. From birds to animals like feral elephants, saltwater crocodiles, and dotted deer, Andaman tourism has a lot to offer in terms of biodiversity.

3.Exotic Resorts

There are many beautiful resorts for couples to choose in Andaman. Opt for a seaside resort for your honeymoon and enjoy a stay with private chalets and villas that offer awe-inspiring views. The warm hospitality offered by the resorts here, make it a perfect celebratory destination for couples.

4.Adventures and water sports activities

Enjoy the marine life of Andaman with your better half and take an underwater stroll of the sea. You will simply love the view of marine animals that swish pass you. Besides this, jet skiing, sport fishing, paragliding, snorkeling and scuba diving are some of the other captivating activities that you can discover. Water sports activities in Andaman are surely to be added in your Andaman honeymoon packages.

5.Candle light dinners by the ocean

Head to one of the beach-side restaurants and entice your taste buds with some authentic Andaman food. The mood of the candle-lit places and Andaman’s indigenous food is the flawless mixture to start a conversation with your loved one. Viewing the waves crash the shorelines under a star-lit sky is the finest way to end your day.

Already planning your honeymoon to the tropical island? Book your Andaman tour packages with us today and head out for a romantic adventure with your better half.

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