Top 10 Reasons Why Your Kids Will Enjoy the Next Andaman Trip

Friday, June 1, 2018

Are you planning fun family holidays with your kids to Andaman? Are you wondering which fun activities and outstanding destinations in Andaman your little ones can enjoy? If you nodded along happily, think no further. This enchanting archipelago of 300 islands has plenty of reasons to entertain your kids. Pristine beaches, turquoise waters, verdant forests, incredible flora and fauna, rich history and culture, thrilling sports, and scrumptious seafood make Andaman a perfect vacation hot spot for kids. Read on to discover how you can make your kids’ Andaman vacations memorable for the lifetime.

Top 10 Reasons To Visit Andaman With Kids:

1. Explore Underwater World at Havelock Island

Encourage your kids to go for sea walking, snorkelling, scuba diving, and diving to explore the underwater environment at Havelock Island and Neil Island. Your kids are sure to marvel at colourful fishes and corals as they tour through the underwater world safely under the guidance of qualified instructors.

2. Glass Bottom Boating

If your kids are too scared to explore the underwater world, go for glass bottom boating. Watching beautiful corals and spellbinding marine life through the glass bottom is sure to stun your kids.

3. Peep into the History

Visit Cellular Jail at Port Blair to acquaint your kids with its unforgettable history. Also, plan a trip to Chatham saw mill, which is the oldest and biggest saw mill in Asia, to delve into its past. Ross Island and Viper Island are other historic sites to visit.

4. Gaze at Turtle Nesting

Show your kids how thousands of turtles flock to Kalipur Beach at Diglipur in North Andaman in the nesting season from December to January. Help your kids pick up baby turtles and release them in the seawater.

5. Experience the Thrill At Water Sports Complex

Take your kids to Water Sports Complex in Port Blair to let them have the thrill of exciting banana boat rides, jet skiing, and fun sofa rides.

6. Spot Lovely Birds

Chidiya Tapu, popular as bird island, is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Andaman. It is home to numerous fascinating birds, so it’s a perfect destination for birdwatching. Help kids spot some wonderful birds.

7. Have Fun of Seaplane Ride

Don’t let you kids miss the best experience of seaplane ride in Andaman. Show your kids mesmerizing views of these enchanting islands through an Amphibian Aircraft.

8. Visit Museums

Enrich your kids’ knowledge by visiting interesting museums in Andaman. Make sure you visit Forest Museum, Anthropology Museum, and Samudrika Marine Museum here.

9. Help Kids Catch Fish

Plan a fishing trip with your kids and spend fun family time. Your kids are sure to enjoy catching fish while sailing.

10. Dolphin Watching

Spotting dolphins is one of the most enjoyable experiences for the kids. Visit Lalaji Bay Beach or Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park to let your kids have fun of watching playful dolphins.

So, aren’t you excited to explore Andaman with kids? Then, make no delay in planning your family vacations with our exciting Andaman tour packages.

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