Top 10 Durban Art Galleries You Must Visit

Friday, June 1, 2018

Durban is the third largest city, located in the Kwazulu-Natal province, and the third largest city in South Africa. Apart from its favorable climate and beautiful beaches, Durban is a cultural and art hub. And the best way to explore Durban in our South Africa tour packages is by exploring Durban’s art galleries.

In this blogpost, we bring the top 10 art galleries you must visit:

1. Artisan Gallery
A house built in 1926 is what is today the world knows as the Artisan Gallery. The name Artisan is derived from the phrase: Arts in South Africa Now. This art gallery features contemporary art, hand-made jewelry, fabrics, and so on.

2. Dodds Gallery
Located in the center of a beautiful plant nursery, this art gallery showcases emerging and established local South African artists.

3. Kznsa Gallery
This art gallery is over a hundred years old dedicated to the promotion of contemporary art through exhibition and educational events. The work of arts are sourced from national, international and local artists.

4. Elizabeth Gordon Gallery
Around the buzzing Florida road, located in an old Edwardian building, is the Elizabeth Gordon building. For the past thirty years, this art gallery has been hosting art works from famous and emerging South African artists.

5. artSPACEdurban
This art gallery operates from an industrial warehouse close to Durban city. Apart from providing exhibition space, this place also provides studio space to develop the career of local and foreign artists.

6. BAT Centre
The Bartel Arts Trust hosts exhibitions showcasing the work of, mostly Black, artists and craftspeople. The trust aims to preserve South Africa’s unique culture and encourage exchange of ideas.

7. African Art Center
This art center, which is over five decades old, has provided hundreds of African artists an opportunity and a platform to develop their talent.

8. Durban Art Gallery
This art gallery is a municipal art gallery which shows temporary shows. Apart from this, this art gallery has a permanent collection of Victorian and South African contemporary art.

9. Etchings Art Gallery
This art gallery was established in 1993 and works towards developing artists by providing them with support and guidance. This art gallery, founded by Garnet and Wendy Cornell, features a spacious setting featuring high quality artwork.

10. Fat Tuesday
The Fat Tuesday is a new age art gallery, which showcases traditional and emerging art styles. It also features ceramics and photographic art, with major focus on photography. The Fat Tuesday serves as a platform for emerging artists and one can expect a lot of interesting works of art here.

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