Switzerland – A Perfect Honeymoon Destination

Friday, June 1, 2018

The snowy slopes of Switzerland evoke romance. Backed by natural beauty and picturesque landscapes, this mountainous region in Europe is the perfect honeymoon destination. Embark on a magical cruise on the Lucerne Lake to enliven your romantic ideas against the shimmering Swiss waters. Take the cruise to magnificent Mount Titlis. Take your partner to new heights with the first revolving Gondola in the world. All these are enough of a reason which tells the world why Switzerland is the best honeymoon destination. Visit SOTC online or call us to know how you can customize your honeymoon package with SOTC’s Switzerland Holiday Packages.

Travel to Interlaken and lose yourself with your partner in the beautiful surroundings. Nestled between two beautiful lakes, this place will remind you of Yash Raj films. Those films of the 90’shave immortalized the Swiss surroundings as THE place for a romantic holiday. Interlaken in fact serves as the base camp for excursions that take you to three of the majestic mountains. These mountains also include Jungfraujoch – which is located at the top of the European continent, literally. You can travel by Jungfrau Railway, which is World’s highest railway.

The railway then takes you on a scenic ride, taking you across Kander Viaduct to Zermatt. The Zermatt is a colorful resort nestled in the Alps. Located at the foot of the Matterhorn Mountain, you will have plenty of time to explore and be awed by the natural surroundings. Matterhorn Mountain is in fact the most photographed mountain.

Relive the romantic moments of your life as you climb aboard the cogwheel. The cogwheel is the highest open air rack railway in Europe. This open rack railway evokes the most beautiful memories as it takes you to a height of 3089 meters to Gornergrat. The view atop Gornergrat is simply majestic and it leaves you speechless. Melt in the arms of your partner to forge memories that will last a lifetime.

If you desire a cosmopolitan experience, then head towards Geneva. This city is best explored on foot. Nothing will strengthen the bond of love than wandering around a new city with your loved one. The city is a perfect blend of classical culture coupled with modern surroundings from the shopping areas in Rue du Rhone to the tranquil gardens at Jardin Boutique in the International area. If you are lucky then you might even get a chance to experience the performance of classical music at Baitiment des Forces Matrices. These matrices are built right in the middle of the Rhone.

The elegance and grace of Zurich casts a spell. Built around the river Limmat, the city is flush with beautifully restored buildings, artistic bridges, and restaurants. The restaurants have a guild hall ambiance and the cuisine is equally impressive. The culture in Zurich is poetic, evoking an interlude of love in spring time.

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