Still Brimming with Excitement over Manchester United Win? – Visit these Top Historical Sites in England!

London Eye

Friday, July 27, 2018

With the beginning of International Champions Cup 2018, football fanatics might be rejoicing over Manchester United win against AC Milan. 26 spot kicks were needed to separate the two teams in the penalty shootout after the regulation time ended 1-1. While you are still rejoicing Manchester United’s win, how about you visit England to know its historical significance? While Manchester is a city in England, a visit to this country proves memorable. Let’s see if you have visited these historic locations in England.

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England is one of the most favoured tourist destinations. What draws the tourists to England is its rich history, fascinating charm and pubs. When talking about attractions, England is home to an array of historical museums, destinations and attractions. Here are some of the top historical locations or sites you should not miss while on a visit to England.

Nunney Castle

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Built by Sir John De la Mere in 1370, Nunney Castle is one marvel you should not miss while on a visit to England. Whether you are a history buff or not, you are bound to fall in love with this castle. You can easily picture armour-clad knights marching around the castle.

Buckingham Palace

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Your visit to England is just incomplete unless you have visited the famous and glorious Buckingham Palace. Being the official residence of the Queen, Buckingham Palace opens its door to visitors thus helping them explore and experience the lavish staterooms and garden. You also get to witness the treasures from the Royal collection. If you happen to visit Buckingham Palace during May – July, do not miss the Changing the Guard ceremony.

Sir John Soane’s Museum

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Earlier a home of the neo-classical architect John Soane, this museum houses a lot of drawings and models of Soane’s projects. Besides, it is also home to an extensive collection of paintings, antiquities and drawings that he assembled.

Rievaulx Abbey

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For people who are in love with history should definitely visit Rievaulx Abbey. One of Britain’s most complete Abbey Ruins, a visit to these ruins offers you a glimpse into the ancient religious community. You step inside, and you are taken 900 years back amidst all the glorious and magnificent Yorkshire countryside.

Gothic Temple

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Go on a historic ride by visiting the famous Gothic Temple. Beautifully located in the grounds of Stowe, this 18th-century landscape garden and house is definitely a marvellous architecture. You are bound to fall in love with its elegant architecture, open grounds, roof terrace and not to forget the spiral staircase.

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