Srinagar, the abode of things ethereal

Friday, June 1, 2018

If paradise of our imagination takes a tangible form, it is Srinagar that comes closest to it. The silvery waters of meandering lakes seem as if the city is adorned with spangles and inviting you to look at her beauty. You would be in awe of nature when you see the thriving life floating on lakes and how life finds its way irrespective of the circumstances. The beautiful gardens with their tulips and various other flowers create an aura that would transform you to some other, more pristine world. Even the snowcapped mountains love to look at the gorgeous city and in the process adding another layer of beauty to the place.

The moment someone mentions the name Srinagar, the image of the Dal Lake comes to mind. One of the most well known symbols of Srinagar, the lake itself is a mini city on its own. You can find variety of shops and various other things representing the life of Kashmir. The ‘Shikaras’ on the lake would present you such relaxing life that when you return to your workplace your energy would grow manifold. Though Dal Lake is the most famous in the city, there are equally beautiful lakes in and around Srinagar. Nagin Lake is known for its crystal clear waters and the breathtaking surroundings nearby. The lake is considered safe for swimming and some water activities are also available including water skiing and glass boat riding. Manasbal Lake and Wulur Lake are also there for you to enjoy.

Another must include destination on your Srinagar holiday packages are the Mughal Gardens. Shalimar Bagh, Nishat Bagh and Chashm-e-Shahi are the jewels of Srinagar and when you look at them you would be in awe of the fact that how human ingenuity complements the beauty of nature. The intricate architecture meets the beautiful landscape to create an ethereal aura at the gardens and you must not miss it on your Srinagar tour. For the religious in you, there is Hazratbal Shrine and Charar-e-Sharif also that would give you inner serenity. Your Kashmir journey can’t be complete without visiting Kheer Bhawani temple. The temple is considered the holiest in Kashmir and it is believed that the temple gives signal how things would be in Kashmir. The other important places to visit include Jama Masjid, Shankracharya Mandir and Yushmarg.

When nature creates something, she has the grand scheme to instigate our imagination and take it to another hitherto unheard of level. She must have created Srinagar to add fuel to our creativity and it’s time we pay heed to her grand scheme. Go for your choicest Srinagar tour packages now and let us take care of all the travel hassles; nothing should come between you and your pursuit of unfettered imagination.

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