Spain, your go-to Romantic Destination

Friday, June 1, 2018

Spain, one of the tourist destinations that you crave to go along with your partner as it possess everything that give the romantic side of you a new meaning. You make sure that your Europe package is designed in such a way that you get plenty of time to explore the beautiful country. Gentle sea washes the vast expanse of white sands at the beaches of Costa del Sol and when you walk there holding the hands of your partner, you would feel as if the sea is talking to you and that sublime conversation would work as potion to strengthen your conjugal bond. The capital Madrid is considered as the liveliest capital in the world and if you love nightlife, Madrid is the place for you. Barcelona is also there with its unique charm and walking on the streets of the city along with your partner would bring out a new you as the city is culturally so vibrant that some street art or some musician would certainly catch your attention and you would discover a new aspect of your personality. Your partner would certainly like it and would love you more for that. The place deserves inclusion in your Europe holiday package.

Portugal is another beautiful country the visit to which should be integral to your Europe tour package. Mosteiro dos Jeronimos in the capital Lisbon is among the must see destinations in the country as it showcases the discovering nature of the Portuguese of yesteryears. You may get inspired by those majestic structures and the creative side of yours may come to the fore. Your partner would love the creative side and both of you would be exploring another avenue to understand each other. One landmark of Lisbon that has its fame the world over is Ocenario de Lisboa and your Europe tour would be incomplete without visiting the place. It depicts how human ingenuity when starts thinking in tandem with nature creates the wonders of the world. It is the largest oceanarium in Europe and showcases marine life in such a way that you would start wondering if it is ocean itself. There are separate compartments for each of the large oceans on earth and small marine animals are separated with the large one in such a way that you would think that they are swimming together. Visit the place with your partner and see his or her amazed face; you would love that.

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