Sonmarg, verdant terrain with snowy peaks

Friday, June 1, 2018

Meadow of gold, the literal meaning of Sonmarg gives the apt description for the place. When the clumps of grass protrude from the white carpets of snow, it presents such beautiful vista that you can’t stop yourself falling in love with nature. You don’t plan in advance the places to include in your Sonmarg holiday packages; just free yourself from the clutches of anything preconceived and you will feel like a child scampering in the lap of Mother Nature. The reflection of the sun on snowy mountains would make you feel like a unique lighting arrangement has been created to welcome you. Adventurous souls, too, find their perfect companion at this place as plenty of trekking and rafting activities give them the joy that they crave for.

Gadsar Lake, one of the most beautiful places at Sonmarg, will make you look at her as if your relationship with her is there since time immemorial. The iridescent reflection of the sun on the pellucid waters of the lake would remind you the jewels that nature has. No metal is involved yet the beauty surpasses that of all the precious gems and jewellery. When it comes to stately presence, Krisnasar Lake matches in every aspect. Snow covered mountains surrounding it give the lake that majestic look that would certainly make you swoon over the beauty. The lake is also known for trout fishing and during winter when the water at the surface freezes, the crystal gaze of the lake would mesmerize you. There are other beautiful lakes also including Gangabal, Satsar and Visansar Lake. Baltal is another area that you must include in your Sonmarg tour packages as its beauty with crystal clear waters would take you to another more pristine era. The place also serves as the base camp for Amarnath pilgrims. Nilagrad is another beauty that you must no miss. It is here the red coloured mountain river meets the Indus and the locals believe that the water has curative powers. When you are in Sonmarg you must visit walnut orchards. The process of plucking and drying it is something you would love to look at. Set amidst natural spring is the Kheer Bhawani temple. You would love to see how nature has played the pivotal role in creating this temple.

Thajiwas glacier is one of the most beautiful places that welcomes you at Sonmarg. The silvery landscape presents such captivating views that you would think that you belong there and the place was awaiting your visit. On the way to glacier you would love to play snowball fight with locals as they are always ready to give you that traditional welcome. Zoji La Pass is another must include destination in your itinerary. You can look at the valley from a vantage point and would be in awe of nature for creating such beautiful scenery. The other beautiful passes close to Sonmarg include Satsaran and Nichinai.

When nature is ready to comfort you and take you out from the humdrum existence, you must respond to her welcoming gesture. Be close to her, love her. We at SOTC will make sure that nothing comes between you and your destination and your tour remain smooth. Just go for it.

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