Re-connect with nature in tree houses

Thursday, May 31, 2018

As kids, tree houses were the best places to hide and enjoy the much wanted privacy. As adults too, we all like to spend some time in the astonishing and homely tree houses. The concept of a tree house may vary for each one of us but the basics remain the same – being close to nature and feeling rejuvenated.

Be it a vacation with your better half, a play time with your close friends or just the need to have some ‘me time’, a tree house will always be the best place. Here is a list of top six tree houses of the world.

1.4TreeHouse – a lantern on the stilts

Floating amidst the fir trees on Lake Muskoka, Ontario, 4TreeHouse is the picturesque imitation of a Japanese lantern hanging on the stilts. It was designed by a Masters student at the University of Toronto’s School of Architecture and Design. As one of the objectives of this project was to let minimum impact on the trees around, 4TreeHouse is suspended from the four stretchable cables suspended from four nearby trees. There are three levels in this tall and delicate structure with varying transparency. The best part of this marvellous tree house is the feel of escapism it offers. Being surrounded by nature while having a private and exciting place for yourself, makes it a great expenditure.

2.World’s largest tree house – exquisite and spacious

A restaurant with 120 seats, two classrooms, two private dining rooms and a retail shop. Yes, all this in one tree house. Built across 6000 square feet, the tree house at Alnwick Gardens is one of the largest tree houses made from wood in the world. It was designed on commands of the Duke and the Duchess of Northumberland. It counts as the perfect place for relaxing when you are in your sweats after exploring the numerous treetop walkways and turrets which are a part of Alnwick Gardens.

3.The Nescafe nest – as creepy as exciting

This incredible tree house was designed for a coffee brand – Nescafe – commercial which was telecasted on Japanese television. The advertising agency in Tokyo hired Takashi Kobayashi, a renowned and leading tree house creator in Japan. He built a $38,000 tree house resembling a bird’s nest in oval shape. It is 12 feet in height and 9 feet in diameter. A delicate round stair case is used for reaching the tree house located on a ground owned by the town of the Kamishihoro. After shooting the advertisement Nestle, the makers of Nescafe, gifted it to the people of Hollaido.

4.Free Spirit Spheres – mesmeric and fun

The enchanting and eco-friendly Free Spirit Spheres are tree houses designed by Tom Chudleigh. The most important objective behind these tree houses was to co-exist with the forest environment without changing or damaging it. It meant to feel the ‘one-ness’ with nature. These are wooden spheres hanging from cables for suspension and the stairways hang from the tree as well. The best part of these tress houses is that they are built to fit in any forest environment and hardly disrupt the natural setting.

5.Sybarite – an experience off the grid

The conceptual tree house enables fabulous configurations from one to five bedrooms as it has prefabricated modular sections and flexible form. The panoramic windows give you the refreshing morning sunlight in the kitchen and the living room and bedrooms have pleasurable twilight and sunset views. The prefabricated design is easy to be installed on the forest site within two weeks. Most of the products used for this tree house are recycled and lightweight.

6.O2 tree house – get connected with the roots

Designer of this tree house, Dustin Feider, aims to change the concept of habitat and the tree houses altogether. Every material used for these tree houses are recycled and harmless to the tree or the surrounding environment. The first O2 tree house was built of about 13 feet wide but the interiors and the sizes can be customised as per the needs.

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