Mauritius, a green expanse amidst turquoise waters

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Mauritius, the name itself evokes the images of pristine white sands and lush green forests. Rarely you come across a place where the sea and jungles complement each other so well; Mauritius is nature’s chosen place. The adventure lover in you will also get its adrenalin pumped as you can enjoy several marine adventures in the country. The authorities, too, take good care of the tourists in the country as tourism is the major source of revenue there. Being an Indian you would find cultural conformity as well as a sizeable number of people of the country have their ancestral roots in India. You can even find a lake named after our own sacred river the Ganges.

Though scarcely inhabited, Le Morne Brabant is among the most beautiful places in Mauritius as it gives you some of the most enchanting views of the island. You just look around and let your senses absorb the beauty of the place. Black River Gorges National Park is another majestic beauty that you must include while going for Mauritius tour packages. Trekking amidst lush green surroundings of the park would make you rediscover yourself. Chamarel is another wonder that would keep you in awe of the creativity of nature. The sand dunes of different colours look so beautiful a phenomenon that you sit there for long hours just looking at them and feeling humbled inside. The waterfall is another attraction in Chamarel that you would love to look at.

Along with nature human being also tried to make the place more beautiful for tourists and they have created such parks and gardens in harmony with nature that you can’t stop yourself admiring human ingenuity. Pamplemousses Botanical Garden is one such creation the beauty of which would sooth you. It has varieties of palm trees and the pond in the garden has several beautiful amphibian species. La Vanille Crocodile Park is another creation that would evoke the feelings of a child in you. The varieties of crocodiles would make you think the diversity that nature has created to keep things balanced on earth. Grand Basin Sacred Lake or Ganga Talao is one of the examples of how proliferated Indian culture is throughout the nation. It’s a lake in volcanic crater and is supposedly made sacred by the waters of the river Ganges in India. Pilgrims come to the place in hoards during the festival of Shivratri. It has a statue of Lord Shiva as well. Marine adventures in Mauritius are known to all and you must not miss indulging in such activities when you are in the country.

When nature has given you so much to enjoy, it would be injustice to her if you don’t take her offers. Go for your Mauritius holiday packages now and be close to nature. SOTC is there to make sure no hassle comes between you and your closeness with nature.

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