The Maldivian Night Life and Blue Sands

Friday, June 1, 2018

The natural beauty surrounded by international (environment conscious) resorts give you plenty of options to spend the night; either partying with your friends or spend some quite time with your partner.

The Night Life
Explore Maldives tour packages for a colorful nightlife. There are events and parties hosted in underwater nightclubs, parties hosted on white sand beaches, and live entertainment through the night. The events are so well organized that you won’t realize the break of the dawn. Some of the resorts are also home to underground nightclubs, where you international DJs frequently come to perform. Along with a nifty atmosphere and groovy international tracks, dance away the night in the middle of the Indian Ocean!

Although Maldives is an Islamic nation with a ban on alcohol, some of the international resorts have sought and acquired permission to serve alcohol. But it remains strictly within the confines of the resort. Apart from these, some of the resorts also host traditional dance music and dance ensemble. Spend time enjoying their performances while you enjoy a drink from the lounge bar.

Being an island nation makes it easy for Maldives to build lounges and bars surrounded by amazing view of the ocean and beach. These lounges are as famous for their mocktails are much as they are for their rare collection of wine and spirits.

Glowing Blue Sands
If partying and socializing means too much noise for you, or if you simply want to settle down to some quite time for the rest of the night; then head towards Vaadhoo or Rangali islands. The sparkling night waters of these islands play host to stars in the sky, and a different kind of guest who have made this island their home.

Among these two groups of island, Vaadhoo is the most famous group. Take a walk along the beach, and you will see that the stars have descended on the beach. Shining with blue light, the coastline shines with a carefree glee. If you are visiting this place with your partner, then you will spend the night surrounded by the most romantic natural light in the world.

This is due to a particular type of plankton. These planktons emit light when they experience stress. The triggers of stress can be anything from movement of the waves, stroking the waters around them, or simply your footsteps in the water.

The peculiar blue colors of these planktons were thought to be a different type of sand by Taiwanese photographer Will Ho, who called it the blue sand in his Flickr album.

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