Lets Fall in Love – 10 Most Romantic European Cities

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Europe is considered to have some of the world’s most romantic cities. A visit to Europe with your partner is a must for a romantic getaway. Taking your partner for a Europe honeymoon is the best choice to make if your partner is a hopeless romantic. Europe Tourism comprises of many couples visiting the place for their honeymoon or for a loving getaway. From Paris to Prague, Europe has it all.

We have come up with the 10 most romantic European Cities that you can’t afford to miss visiting. Take a look at them below:


Your trip to Europe can never be complete until you visit this city. This charming city of romance is one of the unbeatable cities to visit with your better half. Enjoying a romantic dinner along with a bottle of champagne under the Eiffel tower with your partner is an absolute bliss.


It is one of the most loved and discovered cities of Europe by couples that has an unavoidable charm. The city’s architecture will make you fall in love with the place. Ideal time to visit here is during winters for a less crowded experience.


Although this city is quite underrated as compared to other cities of Europe, we guarantee that Budapest is amongst one of the best romantic cities of Europe. A comparatively less crowded city, Budapest will surely make you and your partner enjoy a good romantic getaway.


This city is the capital of Austria. Every corner of the city is filled with charm and allure. You can enjoy the view of the city’s beautiful architecture; enjoy ride at the horse carriages and nights at the opera with your partner.


A romantic getaway in Europe will always be incomplete until you visit the city of Venice. This city is a favourite for couples and extremely popular in Europe Tourism.


The capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana is a stunning a place to be at, especially for couples. Not much crowded, Ljubljana has an amazing charm that will make you enjoy every moment spent here. 


Florence also known as Firenze is Italy’s most famous and loved cities. View of the Tuscan sun and melting gelato here will give you mesmerizing memories to cherish forever. Also, the food here is quite delectable.


It is one of the best cities to visit in Switzerland. Located in the north-central Switzerland, the city has the best museums and galleries. You will amazed by the beauty that the city offers. Zurich is also among the top ten most liveable cities in the world.


Copenhagen is considered to be one of the most romantic cities in Northern Europe. It is the best city to be at with your partner for a cosy and romantic getaway.


This city is the most popular city of Spain and quite famous for tourist destination. The city has everything to offer right from beautiful architecture, interesting history, mesmerizing sunsets and sunrises and of course scrumptious food.

These were the top cities in Europe that you must visit with your partner. Plan your Europe tours with SOTC Holidays to make the most of your Europe trip. Check out our exclusive Europe tour packages for best travel deals.

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