Ladakh, the magnificent beauty adorning the apex

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Not a single human being in sight, yet the living souls are there to enchant the surroundings; that’s Ladakh for you. The mountains, the valleys, the lakes; every part of Ladakh has some story in it. The story to sooth your senses, the story that take you on a beautiful abode. Listening to the scrunching sound while walking on the pebbles on the lakes would make you think of the music that only nature has the ability to create. It’s Ladakh that gives you white sands and green surroundings at the same time and you remain in awe of the ingenuity of nature. Spirituality also flourishes at the place where surroundings are conducive and you would find several monasteries in the region that are created in such a way as if symphony is being played between nature and the human creations.

Nubra valley, among the most beautiful places in Ladakh, has whole gamut of attractions for an adventurous soul. The name itself is the distorted version of the word that conveys the idea of valley of flowers and along with varieties of flower species you would find several other beautiful things to do. Camel safari on double humped Bactrian amidst the sand dunes of Hunder is one of the prime attractions at Nubra valley. There are several other examples of nature’s aesthetic sense in the valley including Turtuk village. The village was untouched by the tourists till six years ago and owing to that it still maintains its quaint charm. The village has its own language that has survived all the foreign onslaughts and the oral tradition of maintaining the language is still there. You can see a great number of apricot trees also in the village. The other prime attractions in Nubra valley include Dikshit Monastery, Maitrey Buddha and other monasteries. There are a number of adventurous activities available in the valley including several trekking avenues, lakes and areas of naturally blooming flowers.

Among the most famous trekking bases in Ladakh, Uleytokpo is a must include in your Ladakh holiday packages. You would be at the base and snow capped mountains would look after you from above; you would get an ethereal feeling. You can also visit Lamayuru village, known for its Yundrung monastery and beautiful vast landscape. Its wall paintings and wood carvings would remind you that art and spirituality when combined together take you to another purer world where love is supreme; love for nature, love for fellow human beings.

When the oasis of adventure and beauty calls you, it’s time to pay hid to that. Go for your Ladakh tour packages now and let the beauty inspire you; let her bring out a new you. For all the travel hassles SOTC is there to care for you.

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