Ladakh, the land with vast expanse of serenity

Thursday, May 31, 2018

When you try to discover your true self, don’t look to visit a particular place, soak in the surroundings and a new you would emerge there. It is Ladakh where you can break yourself from everything that you knew till date and start afresh under sublime serenity. The turquoise lakes would make you think the aesthetic sense that nature has and how beautifully she complements each of her creations as if they are enjoying conjugal bliss. Even human creations have that harmony with nature in Ladakh as the monasteries you see there never seem like they are something that came later; they make you feel as if they belong there. Spiritual serenity is what defines Ladakh the best.

One of the most scenic places in India, it’s hard to pick a few places to visit in Ladakh as the whole place is an epitome of pristine beauty. The blue waters of Pangong Lake would give you such calm feeling that your imaginative power would be spurred to a new level. Leh, the second biggest district in India, has so many attractions that it would be a puzzle to decide which one to give preference to. You have the Leh Palace, the majestic power of which would mesmerize you. A number of monasteries and temples spread across the area and would keep you in awe how creatively the creators have built them. They never look like an out of the place outgrowth but complement the natural surroundings beautifully. Hemis is one place a visit to which is a must in your Ladakh tour packages. It has a beautiful monastery established in the 17th century and has a festival celebrated in July that is full of colours. There is a national park as well that is known for its snow leopard and is one of its kind due to its high altitude.

Alchi Monastery is another example of monastic complex architecture. The wall paintings of the monastery are full of spiritual details of Hinduism and Buddhism and the kings of that area in the past. There are trekking trails also in Ladakh that you must explore as they introduce you to the natural beauty that lies all across the vast expanse of the area. The other places that should be part of your itinerary are Tsomoriri Lake, Khardongla, Shanti Stupa and Chamba Temple.

There are several other beautiful places like Nubra Valley that you must include in your Ladakh holiday packages and remain close to nature. Your cubicle makes sure you get a good life outside and you must listen to it and book your trip to Ladakh now. SOTC is there to make sure nothing comes between you and your love for natural beauty; we will take care of all the hassles.

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