Ladakh, an endless oasis

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Nature herself ordained Ladakh to remain pristine and probably for this very reason she created the place in such a way that all the so called modern developments touch the area late and there remain less chance of the beauty get spoiled. The flowers bloom on their own as if they come out to see the valley and in the process they unknowingly play the role in enhancing the beauty. Even some of the areas of Ladakh have their own languages that have been passed through generations through oral traditions and there is no written document exists. If such pristine beauty wants to be your friend, your human instinct would make you her friend and instinctively you start caring for nature in Ladakh.

Though the whole Ladakh is epitome of beauty, there are a few places that deserve special mention. Nubra Valley is one of the most pristine places on earth and unique on its own. It is the valley where you get sand dunes at such high altitude that you wouldn’t believe your eyes. You can enjoy camel ride also at the sand dunes of Hunder. You have majestic snowcapped peaks looking at you as if telling you that no matter how much development you achieve, when it comes to being majestic our towering personality would surpass everything. The beauty of the area is such that it may make you come out of your vehicle and you would love to walk; to observe the beauty and to absorb the beauty in yourself. Walking on the pebble edged bank of the river Shyok is one experience that you will remember for a lifetime. The majestic Diksit Monastery is another example of human ingenuity and how man-made structure can complement nature’s creations. Samstanling Monastery, known for its teachings of Buddhism, is such a beautiful structure that when you see little monks studying there, you just get an ethereal experience.

Hot springs at Panamik is another nature’s offering you must enjoy and admire. Though owing to sulphur content the water doesn’t really smell good, every creation of nature has its own purpose and we must keep harmony with that. When something is nestled is such pristine surroundings, opening eating joints everywhere wouldn’t be a good idea and keeping this very thought in mind, you won’t find too many eating joints there and almost all the eating places are close to Diksit Monastery.

You can’t mention the names of a few places to explain the beauty of Ladakh, the whole area has the aura of purity. Just soak in that aura and reinvent yourself. SOTC Ladakh packages is there to take care of all the hassles to make your trip a smooth affair.

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