Kerala, the land of serenity amidst meandering backwaters

Thursday, May 31, 2018

You look at the vast expanses of paddy fields on the purlieus of placid waters and your soul gets its soothing balm. The palm fronds rejoice by swaying and welcome you to their abode and you would just be in awe of how nature has painted her own canvas. In the backwaters of Kerala, you don’t need a gondolier to sing romantic songs; you yourself would turn into a poet and soothing songs would start coming out from you.

Alappuzha is one of the prime destinations to enjoy Kerala backwaters as the labyrinth of various canals would take you to a different calmer world where nature is still there in her pristine form. You can opt for either a small country boat or a luxury houseboat to explore the place. Linked to the Lake Vembanad, the canals would take you to the stretches of paddy fields with banks of the canal lined with coconut and palm trees. You will have the opportunity to watch various species of birds and also the locals fishing with their traditional gears. You can also take a cruise to Kochi from Alappuzha. A group of islands on the Lake Vembanad constitute Kumarakom and is considered as the paradise for bird lovers. You can see several local birds as well as some species of migratory birds also. Fishing is one of the most sought after activities in Kumarakom.

Considered as the gateway to Kerala backwaters, Ashtamudi Lake is one of the must visit places while being in Kerala. When you look at the gentle touch of oars to the placid waters of the lake, your heart would swell with joy at the caring attitude of the locals. The ripple you see in the waters would touch a soulful cord in you and you would start singing an ode to nature. Alumkadavu at Kollam is the place where the first houseboat in India was built and the place would take you to the journey of the craftsmanship that has created a new economy for the state. Kavvayi Kayal at Kannur is another fascinating destination for the lovers of Kerala backwaters. You just go on boating or even walking on the bank of the water body would be an enthralling experience.

Nature has created humans as superior beings and ordained them to explore her beautiful canvas. The backwaters are some of her most beautiful creations and your must include them in your Kerala tour package. As for planning your itinerary, SOTC is always there for you.

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