Kerala, the land where serene surroundings welcome the calm sea

Thursday, May 31, 2018

The jungle, pristine rivers; nature you see in your dreams finds her perfect replica in Kerala. No phone, no television, none of the so called modern gadgets to entertain you, just be with the natural surroundings and soak in the beauty that nature has adorned herself with. The tigers, the elephants, the diverse flora and fauna of wildlife in Kerala have such mesmerizing effect on you that you will be in awe of the creator who thought about perfect balance of everything on earth and how each of them complements to create the whole. Kerala will make you think, Kerala is a catalyst to your creativity.

One of the most popular wildlife sanctuaries in India, Periyar National Park is a must visit for an adventurous soul. Popularly known for its elephants and tigers, it has many other animals including deer and wild boar. A boat ride in the lake in the park is an ideal place to watch all the animals as you would be in waters while the animals will be on the bank. The scenery in the park would rejuvenate your senses and you will find a new you after the visit. Though less known, Vagamon is another beautiful hill station in Kerala. The chain of hills like Thangal, Murugan and Kurisumala along with its fresh air enhance its mesmerizing beauty and you tend to linger there, though you won’t be able to explain in words what rejuvenating experience you would be having at the place

Kerala is not only known for rejuvenating your senses but for rejuvenation of your body, too. Its ayurvedic message and therapy is known the world over and you must include it in your itinerary while planning your Kerala holiday packages. A number of ayurvedic centres are close to Kovlam beach, one of the most scenic places in Kerala. The three prominent beaches Lighthouse, Hawah and Samudra open such vast expanse of beautiful vista that you start thinking about the other world that the sea touches on the other side, even though it is hundreds of miles away. Another popular beach town in Kerala includes Varkala, beautiful yet less crowded. You can enjoy boat ride and surfing as well at the place. Papnasam beach is considered as the holiest as a bath there would wash all the sins away. The place is also known for its several temples and other religious places.

There are many other places in Kerala that you must include in your Kerala tour packages including Munnar, Alleppey, Ashtamudi, Nelliampathy and Bekal. Just open yourself to a complete life and pack your bags for Kerala. SOTC is there to make your journey a memorable and the happiest one.

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