Kerala – The land where the canopy of mountains gaze at meandering waters

Thursday, May 31, 2018

The beaches, the mountains, the lush green life in between; nature appears in her full bloom in Kerala. The floating life on backwaters takes you to another, more ethereal world where nature and her creations live in harmony. The silhouettes of palm fronds on the waters showcase the artistic flares of nature and how the canvas and the brushes create the symphony to portray their conjugal bliss. The Western Ghats, too, take the beauty to a new level in Kerala as if mesmerized by the stunning views and matching it in every possible way. A visit to Kerala opens a new vista to your thinking horizon.

The mountain range of the Western Ghats attains its apex in beauty at Munnar. You can see the mist of clouds clinging to the mountains from above and the harmony they produce enhances the beauty manifold. Munnar is the place where you don’t look for something specific, just rustle through the verdant surroundings and your joy quotient would go to a new level. The tea plantations in the area not only give a boost to the economy, they make the area beautiful, too. There is Mattupetty Dam also that work as adornment for the beauty of Munnar. Wayanad is another beauty in the Western Ghats range that a nature lover must visit. Climbing the Chembra Peak in the southern part of Wayanad is one of the most adventurous trekking experiences for anyone and your fitness will be tested at the place. While climbing up, Wayanad unfolds its beauty gradually and you just stop and look around, it would be a feast for your eyes. You can also camp at the summit. There are other beautiful places in Wayanad including Neelimala and Meenmutty waterfalls. Wayanad is a must include destination in your Kerala tour packages.

Alleppey or Alapuzha is another picturesque beauty that can’t be ignored while opting for your Kerala holiday packages. The backwaters give it the sobriquet of ‘Venetian Capital’ of Kerala and while roaming on a houseboat in the channels with trees swaying on both sides will make you feel as if nature herself is dancing with joy at your arrival. Life thrives on both sides of waters as you can see the paddy fields, fishing and other activities while relaxing in your boat. It is also the place for annual boat race in August, one of its kind in India.

There are other popular tourist attractions in Kerala including Thekkddy, Kovalam, Kumarakom, Thiruvananthapuram and Varkala.  Leave all the fetters of everyday life now and go for one of the most exhilarating experiences of you can have; book Kerala tour packages now!

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