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Friday, August 31, 2018

One of the southern jewels of India, Karnataka, offers popular tourist destinations like Bangalore, Coorg and Mysore. The blog post brings to you the places to visit when on our Karnataka Tour Package.

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Bangalore, the city where the nights are as happening as the days, has a very eclectic mix of cultures. Regarded as Silicon Valley of India, its cosmopolitan nature attracts tourists from various places and you can see a world village in microcosm. The shining skyscrapers adorn the city with their modern styles, and you can’t stop admiring the developments that have taken place. Though its modern culture is what everyone talks about, the city is able to maintain its old world charm even in all the hustle-bustle of modernity. It has several beautiful gardens as well as Bangalore Palace, an epitome of the Tudor architectural style.

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Things To Do

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The verdant Lal Bagh is a must visit in Bangalore as its 240 acres of greenery have a soothing effect on your senses in the buzzing city. Another marvel that you must explore is Bangalore Museum. Formerly, it was summer palace of Tipu Sultan and has a unique style of construction with teak wood. The nature lover in you can’t stop itself from visiting Cubbon Park, home to many of the rare plant species. You must also include Bannerghatta National Park in your itinerary as the zoological park is among those that are well maintained in India and has several unique species of animals. Visiting Bangalore Turf Club has its own thrill, and you should explore the venue to know what it takes to be a rider; it takes superior skills to run on this venue.

When To Visit

The best thing about Bangalore is its weather. It has a moderate climate all through the year and even during summer months the temperature doesn’t go beyond the mid-30s, though winter is considered the best time to visit the city. The gardens in the city are in full bloom in the winter months, and you can also explore the adjacent areas of the place.

How To Reach

Bangalore is among the most connected cities in India, and you can opt for the bus, train of an aerial route in accordance with your convenience. The city has flights for several international destinations as well. It has two main train stations Yaswantpur and Bangalore City and both the stations cater to the trains for several parts of India.


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Coorg, the name itself conjures up the vivid images of beautiful hills, misty mountains and the nostalgic aroma of coffee. The beauty of the Western Ghats reaches its apex point at Coorg, and whether you are looking for a particular place to visit or just strolling around with no particular purpose, the stunning views would transform you into another world. Officially known as Kodagu, it is here that the river Kaveri originates and the beautiful vista of Talacauvery, the origin will keep you in awe of nature’s embellishments for herself. Madikeri is nature’s chosen baby in Coorg, and she has showered many of her natural jewels to adorn the place.

Things To Do

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Just be at Raja’s Seat at Madikeri and let nature showcase all her beauty to you. It was the place where the king used to sit and watch sunset during ancient times, and you would feel what the place could do to catalyze your imagination, and the soul of visionary kings in you would come to the fore. You can also visit Abbey Falls where the falling water would create a mist in the air, and you just stand there and let the mist caress your face. Cauvery Nisargadhama, only accessible through a hanging bridge, is another bounty that nature has showered at the place. The lush green island area with so many deer roaming around is a paradise for a nature lover. There are several other places of attraction including Dubare Reserve Forest and Elephant Camp, Bylekuppe, Gaddige and Omkareshwara Temple.

When To Visit

The temperature at Coorg remains in the range of 15 to 20 degree Celsius for almost all twelve months of the year, and you can choose the time in accordance with your convenience. If adventure activities are what you are interested in, then October to March is the period you should opt for, though when your heart gives its nod the best time is at that very moment.

How To Reach

Mangalore is the nearest airport from Coorg while Mysore is the train station closest to the place. There are luxury buses that ply from Bangalore, Mangalore and Mysore and the frequency is quite good.


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The weekend gateway of Bangalore, Mysore is able to maintain its old world charm even in the fast-paced world of technology and high rise buildings. Known as the cultural capital of south Karnataka, Mysore has its fame for majestic palaces and the festival Dussehra. It is during the festival period that the city receives a great number of visitors, and the princely family of Mysore participates actively in the celebrations.

Things To Do

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Mysore Palace is among the most visited tourist attractions in India and its stunning architecture of courtyards and gardens redefine the grandeur of the princely family. The chandeliers, roof art and its galleries say a lot about the artistic taste of our kings. Another must-visit attraction near Mysore is Brindavan Gardens. Just nineteen kilometres from the city, the garden would take you to another, more pristine world. Thonnur Lake is another beautiful creation of nature adjacent to Mysore. Its pellucid waters would make you see every pebble in the bed, and you just stand there in awe of the place. Other must visit places at or in the vicinity of Mysore include Karanji Lake, Jaganmohan Palace, Mysore Zoo and Lalita Mahal.

When To Visit

Pleasant weather prevails in Mysore throughout the year and even during summer months when the days are hot, the evenings have a calming effect on your senses. March to May is the period when it’s a bit hot here, but you would love the agreeable evenings in the city. The monsoon that starts from June showcases the verdant surroundings of the place and would be a feast to your eyes while October onward months would bring the joy of togetherness to the city as a lot of honeymoon couple come to the place during winter.

How To Reach

Mysore has its nearest airport at Bangalore that is connected to various national and international destinations. The train station at Mysore is well connected to various parts of the country, and luxury buses for Mysore are also available from Mumbai and various parts of Karnataka.

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