In the ‘Hands of God’ – Best Instagram Pictures of Giant Hands Holding Vietnam’s ‘Golden Bridge’!

Friday, August 3, 2018

Our world is filled with some alluring and mesmerising attractions that cannot be missed. One such is the ‘Golden Bridge’ in Vietnam. It is a recent addition to the long list of must-visit attractions in Vietnam. This 150m long Golden Bridge also known as the ‘Hand Bridge’ by the tourists, has become one of the major tourist attractions.

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You are actually putting your life into God’s hands! This is what you literally feel as you walk on this newly built giant Golden Bridge in the Ba Na Hills. It has attracted the attention of many tourists since it has opened in June. Sitting 1400 metres above the sea level, the Golden Bridge appears to be made up of stone, but is actually made up of fibreglass and steel mesh finish. These weathered-looking hands beautifully hold the golden railings. The palms are so huge that it makes the bridge look smaller and tiny.

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The bridge walkway extends over the lush treetops and offers breath-taking, picturesque and uninterrupted views of Ba Na Hills. Reportedly, the Golden Bridge was built at the cost of $2 billion. The major goal of this bridge was to attract the attention of tourists from all over. The major aim of the creators of this bridge was to give this new installation a sense of history that contrasts with the modern.

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Six Things You Should Know About the Golden Bridge:

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  • This glistening structure is set 1400 feet above the sea level.
  • Established by French colonists in the year 1919, Ba Na Hills is a beautiful mountainside resort. It once held around 200 villas, but today, only a few of the ruins remain.
  • It was designed to offer an image of Giant Hands of God.
  • It is beautifully nestled in the thickly forested Ba Na Hills and was opened to visitors in June this year.
  • The Golden Bridge has been designed by TA Landscape Architecture in Ho Chi Minh City.
  • This 150-metre long bridge snakes its way through the scenic mountains.

According to the reports, the designers are planning to give Da Nang another spectacular bridge from Anh. The designer plans to build a silver bridge that is designed to look like a strand of God’s hair. This bridge will connect to the existing one. Well, not much has been spoken about this new silver beauty and what it will look like.

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