Goa – The Land of Tranquil Beaches That Make Your Heart Pound with Joy

Friday, August 31, 2018

Being at a beach not only soothes your soul, but it’s inspirational as well. You would feel as if you have touched the faraway shores and the coconut and palm trees are swaying to celebrate the joy of the perfect confluence. The music adds its own hue of trance to your wandering soul on Goa beaches, and in a way, it’s a journey that you must take to find your true self.

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Image Source – https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/6/60/Agonda_beach_huts.JPG

Agonda Beach, one of the most tranquil places in the southern part of Goa and you must include it in your Goa tour package. Just take a stroll on the beach and look at the surroundings and you would feel as if an unknown source is caressing you. You just keep your phone and other so-called modern gadgets away and listen to what nature whispers; you will love those moments. The animal lover in you can also enjoy looking at Olive Ridley turtles laying eggs there. Morjim is another beach that is more famous for its Olive Ridley turtles and is the most secluded beach in Goa. The place sometimes is also referred to as ‘Mini Russia’ because of the large concentration of Russian nationals there. Though you don’t get late night parties and other such activities at the place, nature makes the area one of the liveliest as it offers the dance of the undulation waves. You can also go for kitesurfing at the place.

Image Source – https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/1/18/Lepidochelys_olivacea.jpg

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The white sands of the beaches and shallow and relatively calm waters at Mandrem make the place an ideal destination for Goa tourism. Dolphin spotting is one of the activities you can go for and for the romantics in you; there are higher bamboo spots where you can sit and dip your feet into the water and feel the caressing of nature in your heart. There are a number of eating joints also where you can enjoy the cuisines of different parts of India. The other prime beaches that you must include in your Goa tour include Calungate, Candolim and Dona Paula.

Image Source – https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/3/34/Calangute_Beach%2CGoa_-_panoramio.jpg

Sea is the destination for wandering souls since generations, and that wanderer in you also has the right to quench its thirst. Take your soul to meet its alter ego on the Goa beaches, and you would return with the elixir for life. As for travel hassles, SOTC is there to care for you.

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