France, the manifestation of artists’ imagination

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

When the creative instincts of nature and human beings amalgamate, they create something unparalleled and when you are on France tour you would see that unrivalled display of ingenuity. Nature has adorned the country with beautiful beaches and snowy mountains while human beings have added their own creations and for that reason the capital of France is also considered as the ‘Art Capital of the World’. France would make you come out with something new, something hitherto unheard of.

The beach town of Biarritz with its large sandy seafront and turquoise waters of Bay of Biscay presents such enchanting vista for you that poetry start oozing out of you inadvertently. The town is considered as the holiday destination of the royalty and when you are present at the place your aristocratic demeanour will also come to the fore. Biarritz has other attractions like the Museum of the Sea and the Virgin of the Rock that you must include in your France holiday package. Brittany is another seaside beauty that you should go for on your France tour. Quaint villages and rugged seaside will remind you of the sea towns of the yore and you should also explore the local cuisine like buckwheat crepes to understand the place well. French Alps have some of the best spectacles of nature and Chamonix-Mont-Blanc is the one that you will never forget for your life. The highest peak of Europe is always covered with snow and the village at the base has some of the finest restaurants and chalets where you can bring out your creative best to the fore.

One of the masterful displays of human ingenuity, Eiffel Tower is among the most famous landmarks not only of France but of whole world. Its graceful appearance makes people call it ‘Iron Lady’ and the vista it presents is breathtaking. On a clear day you can view as far as seventy kilometres from the tower. Louvre Museum is another landmark of Paris that you can’t ignore on your France tour. There are about thirty thousand masterpieces of art in the museum including the famous Mona Lisa.

You have the artist in you and it just needs a stimulation to come to the fore. There is no better stimulant than a visit to France to reinvigorate the artist in you. Go for France tour package now and leave all the shackles of trip planning on SOTC, you just sooth your soul and create.

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