Coorg, the canopy of green in the misty mountains

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Nature has her own biases and when she loves a place, she tries to shower as many bounties as possible on that single geographical entity. It seems Coorg is nature’s favourite child as she has showcased different dimensions of her beauty at the place. There are points where you can sit for long hours and soak in the beauty of the place and wouldn’t realize how time elapsed. Even the omnipresent sun enhances his beauty when you look at him from a few points of Coorg. When nature showers her bounties, human ingenuity, too, compliment her with its own creations. Some of the most beautiful spiritual places are at Coorg and even if you don’t have any religious leanings, just wandering around the place has its own spiritual significance.

Lies between the plantations of coffee and spices, Abbey falls is among the most popular places in Coorg. It presents such mesmerizing vista that you would just close your eyes and feel the sprinkles of water on your face; you will have one of the most exhilarating experiences of your life. You have equally beautiful Iruppu and Chelavara falls as well. For adventurous souls Coorg offers great many treks to go on. Trekking towards Brahmagiri Peak is such a refreshing adventure that you can’t stop yourself being in awe of nature’s aesthetic ingenuity. For the different in you NishaniMotte trek is there. Reaching on the top of the trek would take you to such a tranquil zone that you can just sit there and look at one place and would feel as if iridescence of nature is going on in front of your eyes. There is Pushpagiri trek as well that would test your endurance to the hilt. You can see a number of wild animals on the way and it is one of the experiences that you must go for. Nagarhole National Park is another scenic beauty that wildlife lovers must go. It’s a tropical forest and a stream runs through it. You can view many wildlife animals on the sides of the stream. Another national park is Dubare that is known for its elephants and you must include it in your Coorg tour packages.

You must spend a few of your early mornings at Raja’s Seat at Madikeri, Coorg. It presents such mesmerizing views of green valley and hills that you would tend to think how nature gives life to our humdrum existence with her aesthetic creations. There is Mandalpatti Viewpoint as well that will introduce you to another dimension of nature. Bylakuppe is one of the places in Coorg that would instigate your spiritual journey with its beautiful creations. Namdroling Monastery is typical of Tibetan style of architecture and being there you would feel spirituality seeping inside yourself. You can also go for cultural tourism while being there and get acquainted with local lifestyle. You must also include the tour to coffee plantations in your itinerary.

If such beautiful place is so close to you, there is no reason you should not go for Coorg in our Karnataka tour packages. Take SOTC as your partner in your tour and feel the hassle free experience while being at Coorg.

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