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Top 7 Enlightening Temples in the ‘Land of God’

Apart from being home to scenic landscapes, mesmerizing backwaters and natural beauty, Kerala is also home to some of the marvelous temples. You will be mesmerized with the undying devotion…Read More »

7 Experiences You Won’t Get Anywhere Other Than Kerala

One thing that comes to our Mind when we think about Kerala is beaches. But, Kerala has so much than just pristine beaches. Kerala offers lot of tourism activities that…Read More »

Let’s Rebuild God’s Own Country – Kerala!

Popularly known as the ‘God’s Own Country’ by the locals and the tourists, Kerala came to a halt when heavy rains hit this beautiful state in August. The opening of…Read More »

9 Stunning Temples in Kerala That You Have to Visit

Kerala is known as “Gods Own Country” with all the right reasons. It boasts a variety of beautiful temples that are a testament to this fact. With stunning architecture, these…Read More »

9 Haunted Destinations in India For the Courageous Traveler

Agrasen ki Baoli

Given the diversity of India, it is no wonder that in addition to architectural marvels and historical landmarks the country also boasts culinary delights and haunted destinations. Yes, you read…Read More »

10 Reasons Why You Should Visit Kerala During Monsoon

Kerala is known as Gods Own Country and one of the reasons is because it’s beauty is evergreen l no matter when you visit. But, do you know that this…Read More »

Kerala, The Land Of Imposing Forts And Magnificent Temples

When the undulating waves of the sea touch the majestic forts at the shore, they divulge to create sheer pearls with water, and you would love to look at the…Read More »

Kerala, joyous hues come to the fore with festivals

The valour, the opulence, the rich cultural heritage mark the festivals in Kerala. When the echo of beating drums resonates in the air, you would know the pomp of the…Read More »

Heaven on Earth

It is almost impossible to compress a trip to beautiful Kerala into a few pages. Most people explore as many exotic places they can find in Kerala in one trip…Read More »

Kerala, the window for your adventurous soul

Looking at the stars while being in a hilly abode or in jungle is an experience you will cherish for your life. The pure wind that blows not just touches…Read More »