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A Honeymoon Trip to the Happiest Place in the World: Bhutan

There are largely two types of honeymooners – one who like beaches, spas and seaside adventures and the other who like cozy evenings in jaw dropping landscapes of mountains, valleys…Read More »

Fun Facts about Bhutan

Bhutan is a small and happy country in Asia that has many interesting things that the world should know about. You will be surprised to know about amazing peculiarities of…Read More »

10 Wow Destinations of Bhutan

Bhutan is a jewel located amongst the majestic Himalayan ranges. Bhutan’s mesmerizing views do complete justice to why it is profoundly known as the ‘Empire of Smiles’. Buddhist art, varied…Read More »

Let’s Get To Know Bhutan And Its Culture Of Buddhism

Having always been politically independent, there is a rich heritage and culture that has developed in this beautiful country over the ages. And perhaps one of the most important cultures…Read More »

The Scenic Dochula Pass, Bhutan

Are you planning an excursion to Bhutan? Do you want to explore historic and religious places in ‘Land of the Thunder Dragon’? If you answered affirmatively, then you should not…Read More »

The Daily Life of Bhutanese Monks

Are you planning a religious trip to Bhutan? If yes, you might be eager to meet Bhutanese monks here. Bhutan, a Buddhist kingdom located on the eastern edge of breath-taking…Read More »

Here’s How to Explore the Magical Wonders of Bhutan

Bhutan is still considered as one of the less heard or travelled destinations by tourists and thus Bhutan tourism is not very popular among travel enthusiasts. But in reality this country has…Read More »

DIY: Plan a solo trip to Bhutan

A truly unique country, Bhutan is a lush green land of Himalayan mountains, landscapes, monasteries and temples. It is the only Buddhist region where Mahayana Buddhism is still practiced, where a concept…Read More »

Bhutan, the kingdom of happiness

Get rid of all the modern gadgets, just nature and you in close conversation; that’s the way to explore Bhutan. The Himalayan kingdom is called the abode of happiness and…Read More »

Bhutan – A Misunderstood Country

Adorned by snow-capped peaks, scenic green valleys, dramatic landscapes, untouched treasure of incredible Buddhist art, and outstanding monasteries and fortresses, Bhutan intrigues the interest of several tourists worldwide. While Bhutanese…Read More »