Britain, the majestic nation endowed with the best

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Nature must have showered her bounties in aplenty on a country that reigned supreme for centuries throughout the world. The rivers that crisscross their towns are utilized in such a way that they enhance the beauty of the place manifold. You see the architecture and the thought of their grand thinking comes to mind inadvertently. Art is bound to flourish at a place where people think and a number of great museums and art houses corroborate the fact about their grand vision. Britain disseminated modern vision to the world.

London, the power centre of the world, has plenty of attractions to make you think you would have got more time in the country. Buckingham Palace is the one attraction you must include in your Britain itinerary and when you look at the event of ‘Changing of Guards’, you would be in awe of the pomp. South Kensington is one area you must visit as it is home to a number of museums including Natural History Museum and Victoria and Albert Museum. There are other attractions, too, in London including the Tower of London, Beg Ben and Parliament Buildings. Bath, even though smaller in size, is the one of the prime tourist attraction in the country. The waters of the hot springs have medicinal properties and people love to be there to receive one of the most important bounties of nature.

Edinburgh in Scotland is another place that has very important role in shaping the history of the country and you must include it in your UK itinerary. Edinburgh Castle and other historic buildings add their own majestic charm and when you see One O’clock salute at the place you would be amazed at the way they have preserved their history and traditions. Windsor is another place known for its castle and is the largest castle still inhabited by people. It serves as summer residence of royal family and Queen’s Gallery and the Dining Hall of the castle are some of the architectural marvels of United Kingdom. The other places you should include in your UK itinerary are Canterbury, Cambridge and Oxford.

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