Bhutan – A Misunderstood Country

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Adorned by snow-capped peaks, scenic green valleys, dramatic landscapes, untouched treasure of incredible Buddhist art, and outstanding monasteries and fortresses, Bhutan intrigues the interest of several tourists worldwide. While Bhutanese are any time happy to share their secrets to happiness with us, this small Buddhist country on the eastern edge of Himalayas has always been mysterious and misunderstood by many. While some appreciate Bhutan as panoramic paradise, while others focus on its less accessible and developing aspects.

And, if you have any queries and concerns about traveling to Bhutan, get all your answers by giving this post a read and head on to ‘Land of Thunder Dragon’ with no doubts in your mind.

  1. Is Traveling To Bhutan Expensive?

The myth that visiting Bhutan is quite expensive often discourage several globetrotters so much so that they don’t prefer to have places to visit in Bhutan on their travel bucket list. However, the fact is that traveling to Bhutan is not at all expensive if you understand the logic and facts behind the fixed rates. It would cost your minimum daily tariff of USD 200 for exploring this Land of Thunder Dragon in off season and USD 250 in the peak season, as fixed by Tourism Council of Bhutan. However, this amount includes all your expenses, such as lodging, all food arrangements, entrance fees to various cultural destinations and programs, luxury transportation, driver, and guides and porters, even when you travel solo with your own itinerary. So, it can easily fit in your budget without leaving a hole in your pocket.

  1. Is Bhutan Quite Underdeveloped Lacking Globalization?

Most globetrotters think that they won’t find all amenities during their holidays in Bhutan as it is not a fully developed country. However, that’s not true. Globalization has influenced Bhutan, just like rest of the countries. You can easily find access to advanced technological facilities, such as internet, cell phones, and televisions, and lead comfortable vacations here. Also, you can watch people here using new machinery in their fields to make their tasks easier.

  1. Is Traveling To Bhutan Exhausting Due To Altitude Sickness?

No, it’s not at all exhausting. Even though altitude in Bhutan is higher than most other populated areas, altitude sickness is quite rare among the travellers. The flexibility of Bhutan tourism lets you explore it at your own pace via routes that you find comfortable.

  1. Is It Difficult To Get Visa To Bhutan?

If you are concerned about getting visa to Bhutan and it’s preventing you from planning your holidays here, then kick away this concern as it is quite easy to obtain a visa to Bhutan for most tourists. Also, there is no limit on the number of visas to issue.

  1. Are People In Bhutan Hostile?

It’s absolutely false. In fact, Bhutanese are quite friendly and hospitable individuals who are ready to help you out any time. Also, according to authentic surveys, 90% of population in Bhutan accept that they are happy. You can find here a strong emphasis on helping each other, performing good deeds, community living, and being happy.

All your concerns about Bhutan holidays must be cleared, aren’t they? So, be quick and book one of our Bhutan tour packages to make your vacations memorable for lifetime.

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