The Best Road Trips across NSW

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

The roads laid across NSW takes you across beaches, mountains, villages from historic stories, and large swathes of idyllic plains. Discover the Aussie way of life with a drive across these amazing drives that will change the way you see Australia:

The Grand Pacific Drive

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Open any browser, log in to YouTube, and search for any car ad featured in Australia. You will come across a beautiful stretch of road. Chances are you are looking at the Grand Pacific Drive. The road begins at the Royal National Park; it goes all the way to Wollongong, Shellharbour, and Kiama. One cannot see but wonder the beautiful contrast of towering mountains on one side and pristine surf on the other—an experience that will bring you back to Australia again! The drive is dreamy, going across sleepy towns, ocean pools and the biggest Buddhist temple in the Southern Hemisphere. Do whatever it takes, but do not tick this drive off your bucket list.

Kosciuszko Alpine Way

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This drive takes you across a different zone. Get ready to explore the alpine region of NSW. The road wounds through snowy mountains, all the way through the Kosciuszko National Park. Get ready to drive past historic mountains, alpine mountains, and Australia’s tallest peak.

This drive will ensure that you indulge in skiing, horse riding, and even trout fishing. Don’t miss this drive if you love spectacular change of scenery.

The Waterfall Way

Imagine a drive that takes you across beautiful water features where the next one is more beautiful than the previous one! The drive begins with the picturesque plains of Southern Sydney taking you north along the Pacific Highway. The waterfall way is a detour along the Pacific Drive. This detour ensures that you go past rain forests, and some of the most beautiful waterfalls such as the Ebor Falls, Mihi Falls, and the Dangar Falls. This 200 Kms drive goes past Oxley Wild Rivers National Park, New England National Park, and Cathedral Rock National Park. Soak in the local culture and history of Armidale area, visit the grave of the last bushranger, and taste the local wine.

The Greater Blue Mountain Drive

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The Blue Mountain Drive takes you across 18 discovery trails with each trail promising a unique adventure. At Mt Tomah, explore the Blue Mountain Botanic Garden or simply wander along the Jenolan Caves or lose yourself in the bush walking trails-The best way to explore a World Heritage Site.

Darling River Drive

No drive in Australia is complete without exploring the wild Aussie outback, and you will find all this along the Darling River drive. This is a huge drive that covers a distance of over 700 Kms. The drive runs along the Walgett river and ends along the Victorian border town of Wentworth. Expect a journey across red roads, fascinating history, and ghost towns. Experience the weird aura of the White cliffs and enjoy the sunset at the Menindee Lakes. And in the midst of all these features, don’t forget to take a guided tour across the World Heritage-listed Mungo National Park. At the end of this drive, you will never look at Australian outback the way you did back then. Visit Australia with SOTC’s Australia tour packages.

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