Belfast and Dublin, epitomes of Irish ingenuity

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Creating something new, creating something that is hitherto unheard of takes courage and human ingenuity and Irish culture of innovation stands out in this regard. Whether Northern Ireland of UK or Ireland itself, you will love to look at the architectural marvels in these areas. Nature, too, complements human ingenuity and the green surroundings that you can see in these areas corroborate that collaboration. No wonder the area has produced some of the greatest writers and artists and you can see how people make the legends a part of the popular culture in the area.

Belfast is known for its ship building prowess throughout the world and when you are in the city you would notice that now it has become a part of their culture. You can see the place where the ship Titanic was built more than a century ago and that memorabilia would make you gauge the scale on which the ship was built. The Waterfront Hall is another architectural marvel that you must include in your Belfast tour packages. Overlooking the River Lagan, the structure presents such stunning vista that you would be in awe of the symphony that can be created when an artist works in sync with nature. Grand Opera House is also there and to understand the culture you must watch at least one show whether it is opera, live show or a musical performance. One of the oldest tourist spot in Northern Ireland is Belfast Zoo and would treat you with a number of nature’s creation from around the world.

Dublin, the Irish capital, showcases some of the most beautiful architectural creations on earth. Start your tour with Trinity College. The college houses some of the greatest creations of artistic expression and Long Room of the college is one of the places that you must see even if you have nothing to do with academia. The green lawn and cobbled pathways would take you to another era when every moment of life seemed to have more meaning. Grafton Street, the premier shopping location of Dublin is a must visit. You not only shop on the street but can watch so many impromptu performances also as the street is buzzing with artistic expressions. Another must visit place on your Dublin tour is St. Stephen Green. It’s an oasis in all the hustle bustles and you would come out more relaxed after the visit.

It’s time for you to pay hid to the call of your inner self and visit the places that can work as catalyst to your creative power. To take care of anything that comes between you and your pursuit of pleasure, SOTC is there for you. You just enjoy the surroundings.

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