8 Top Rated Tourist Attractions in Northern Ireland

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

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1. Ed the Giant’s Causeway
These layered columns of basalt known around the world as the Giant’s Causeway is the only place in Northern Ireland which is protected by UNESCO. These creations were the result of a volcanic activity which occurred more than 60 million years ago. The columns were erected over a period of different volcanic activities.

2. The Causeway Coast
A short drive from the Giant’s Causeway takes you to the Causeway Coast. The coast takes you to the Carrick-a-Ridge rope bridge. This is a famous bridge and for some, it’s a vertigo inducing bridge. At the other end of the bridge is a fishermen village, where you get to taste freshly caught salmon.

3. The Glens of Antrim
The most beautiful coast of Antrim is only an introduction to what holds once you go explore this place. As you drive towards Ballycastle towards Larne through the coast road, you are treated with amazing views of waterfalls, forest trails, and green hills.

4. Carrickfergus Castle
The Carrickfergus is one of the best preserved places in Ireland which still give you the medieval structures such as the Norman castle which has fended off attacks for eight centuries.

5. The Titanic Belfast
The city of Belfast powered the British Empire’s Shipbuilding activities. And the most significant story is the white star line logo built in honor of the Titanic. Apart from this, understand the story of Titanic through an interactive exhibition.

6. Ards Peninsula
Take a road along the Irish coastline towards Ballywater and soak into the beauty of serene beaches. As the road takes you inland towards Portaferry, head towards Stewart House and Gardens where words will fail to describe what awaits you there.

7. The Ulster Folk and Transport Museum
A short drive from Belfast, you come across a living museum. This museum provides an insight into the lives of the Ulster, a legacy of over 100 years. Expect to find labourers’ cottages, farms, and rural schools. You can spend the rest of the day admiring the traditional crafts.

8. Londonderry (Derry)
Traditionally, this place is torn between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. This place known for its engineering plants and ceramics factories is also famous for its industrial and dairy products.

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