8 Things that Make Andaman a Perfect Honeymoon Destination

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Choosing a destination for honeymoon can get confusing. If you too are struggling with the same, we recommend you pick Andaman! Why? Let’s find out.

When you think of Andaman things like walking along golden beaches, having a romantic dinner by the sea, and watching the sunset with your soul mate may cross your mind. But, that’s not all; Andaman has a lot more to offer.

Here is a list of eight things to do in Andaman when you go there for your honeymoon:

  1. Go for water sports

Swimming, surfing, snorkeling, water skiing, speed boating, scuba diving—any water activity you name, Andaman has it all. Port Blair and Havelock give you an opportunity to try different water sports with your partner and turn your romantic honeymoon into an adventurous one.

  1. Have a date with the dolphins

Dolphins are a treat to watch. Head to Long Beach Island and watch these lovely creatures swim in sync. You may also opt for the glass boat ride and get closer to the marine life of the region without getting wet.

  1. Camp by the beach

Pack your tent and get set to camp by the beach while being courted by turquoise waters. What could be a more romantic experience than lying on the sand and watching the sky full of stars with your special one!

  1. Walk under the sea

Forget a beach walk; it’s time to take a sea walk! Sea walking is a major attraction of Andaman tourism. You may do this at the North Bay beach and Havelock Island. Just wear a helmet and hold hands as you walk on the seabed experiencing underwater marine life like never before. Don’t worry! You need not be a swimmer to do this.

  1. Witness the light and sound show

Cellular Jail is one of the noteworthy places to visit in Andaman. It is a historic structure at Port Blair. Enjoy the amazing light and sound show here, which is held on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays subject to weather conditions.

  1. Explore the limestone caves

Baratang is the land of natural wonders. Visit this island to explore the mysterious limestone caves that have been formed naturally. Do take permission from the local Forest Department before you do so.

  1. Celebrate the festivals

Andaman enjoys festivals almost all year. Indulge yourself in the celebrations of the Beach Festival, Music Festival, Island Tourism Festival, or Film Festival. Do not forget to consider the dates of the festival while selecting the Andaman tour packages.

  1. Ride on a bike

Enjoy long bike rides in the stretches of Andaman. An endless ride with your partner away from the traffic, honking, and pollution is something that you will definitely love. Hire a motorcycle at the island and get going.

With so many exciting activities to do, Andaman truly becomes the right choice for your honeymoon. So, look out for the best Andaman honeymoon packages, and get ready for an amazing trip!

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