The 5 Point Maldives Guide

Friday, June 1, 2018

Maldives, a tropical island with pristine blue waters and white sandy beaches; it lies south of the Indian subcontinent. It’s actually a group of 26 round atolls with hundreds of coral islands. Maldives cropped up in international tourism in the 1970s, and since then its name conjures images of beaches, blue lagoons, and beautiful reefs. With booming tourism industry, the island is slowing moving from a fisheries based economy to a tourism based economy. Coming back to the tourism part, this blog explain the five things you should see or do when you visit Maldives:

1.Visit Exotic Beaches

When you visit an island nation with hundreds of coral reefs, it is only logical to expect exotic beaches. These exotic beaches have been attracting tourists from all over the world. The Maldivian waters can go fifty-shades of blue on your mind and soul. Imagine spending the evenings at beaches where the waters are blue, turquoise, and subtle green against white sand beaches! We recommend you to visit the Banyan Tree, Nika Island, Cocoa Island, and Nalaguraaidhoo beaches.

2.Artificial Beach

Being a tropical island is tough, and it gets tougher in summers. Taking this into account, the Maldivians built an artificial island to cope with the summer heat and let their residents enjoy the sand and waters. Additionally, the artificial beach is also host to a number of water sports and music shows.

3.Go Diving

Maldives has over 30 diving resorts spread across its islands. And these resorts have an excellent record of safety and service. The tropical nature of the islands makes the waters mild enough to let divers get inside and take a look at its beautiful peaks.

4.Underwater Restaurant

The Ithaa underwater restaurant is one of a kind restaurant in the world. Sitting 16 feet deep inside the Indian ocean, protected by a corals, this restaurant is also known to have to braved the Indian Ocean tsunami. This arch shaped restaurant is built from solid glass which provides a 360 degree view of the actual marine life surrounding Maldivian waters. A visit to this place along with your family is a must do on your visit to here with Maldives tour packages by SOTC.


The Iru is a seashore restaurant which gives a magnificent view of its pristine waters. The bar serves fruit cocktails and tea. Take a stroll and soak into the aura of the ocean under the night sky. This water villa is a must visit place in the list of Maldivian places.

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