5 Breathtakingly Beautiful Moon Bathing Places In Andaman

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Are you planning leisure holidays to Andaman? Do you want to get away from your stressful work routine and unwind in the calm, pleasant, and beautiful natural settings of the Andaman? If you said yes with a smile, you must go for moon bathing at various tranquil destinations in Andaman.

Moon bathing is indeed a rewarding experience that not only relaxes you but also improves your life significantly without any concerns. And, Andaman is blessed with several moon bathing destinations for you to recline in enchanting natural environment in the dark hours. Read on to discover some of the most enticing moon bathing places to laze around on this fascinating archipelago.

5 Awe Inspiring Moon Bathing Places in Andaman To Visit:

Neil Island Beach

Exotic, serene beaches and laid-back natural settings of Neil Island in Andaman is one of the most ideal places to visit in Andaman for enriching moon bathing experience. Take time out to lie down on the tranquil shore of scenic beaches here, particularly Sitapur Beach, as marvellous clear blue sky and spectacular moon shine over you. Unwind listening to the sounds of silence in your ears. Admire breath-taking, endless collage of stars that shines in the sky above you. Try to stay awake, if possible, to witness the scenic view of sunrise here.

Lighthouse at Havelock Island

Don’t miss the magical experience of moon bathing and night diving at Lighthouse at Havelock Island. Magnificently enormous diving site at Lighthouse welcomes all kinds of divers to explore the underwater world in the moon light safely with the assistance of certified divers. Gaze at the stunning site of soft and hard corals and amazing underwater life, such as lobsters, Humphead parrotfish, fusilier fishes, lionfish, and octopus, as you glide underwater.

Wandoor Beach

Relax in nature’s lap by spending a leisure time at night at Wandoor Beach. Besides being widely famous for coral viewing and swimming, Wandoor Beach in Andaman is one of the most serene shores with picturesque environment that you can witness during Andaman tourism. Stroll on the shores of this pleasant beach at night. Spend a leisure time by lying down under the moon in the soothing natural ambience here.

Long Island in Andaman

Untouched paradise and crystal-clear azure waters adorn mesmerizing Long Island, which is one of the most fascinating destinations in Andaman for moon bathing and night diving. Spend a leisure time on the shores gazing at the shining moon in the sky. Go for night diving in the pleasant waters at Long Island and watch the incredible phosphorescence underwater as planktons swim around you.

Chidiya Tapu Beach

Immensely popular for sweeping views of sunset, Chidiya Tapu beach is a serene place in Andaman to watch moon rise as you unwind on its shore. Laze around this pleasant beach and watch spectacular views of sunset and sunrise.

So, aren’t you looking forward to visit Andaman for moon bathing to get re-energized? Then, be quick and book one of the Andaman packages of SOTC Holidays online and set out to enjoy your leisure break.

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