11 Scenic Cycling Routes in Scotland

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Those who love cycling in the open spaces know the romance associated with cycling around the countryside. The Scottish country side is so beautiful that it bewitched Queen Victoria. In this blog post, we bring you 11 beautiful routes to explore in Scotland while on our Europe holiday packages that takes you through beautiful coasts and scenic landscapes.

1. Hebridean Way Cycling Route, Outer Hebrides
This route takes you through the National Cycle Route 780. Although a long distance route, you get to see paradise beach, Calanais Standing Stone and Butt Lewis Lighthouse.

2. Edinburgh City Centre To The Shore
The City of Edinburgh has a many cycle paths that are free of traffic. Cycle your way to the Royal Yacht Britannia for a delicious meal. Its recommended to use an Innertube Map to know the roads around the city.

3. LerwickToScalloway, Shetland
From the town of Lerwick you can cycle to the ancient Scottish capital of Scalloway. While you travel to the city, you get to soak the panoramic views of the wild moorway and the glitter of the midday sea.

4. Devilla Forest, Fife
If you are lucky, cycling around the Devilla Forest may give you a view of the shy Squirrels. Otherwise the journey through the vast woodland is soothing.

5. Loch Leven Heritage Trail, Perthshire
We recommend this route for those who also have an interest in birdwathing. You stand a chance to come across Ospreys, Kingfishers, and many other species of birds. Cycle around the lake while soaking the views of Lochleven Castle.

6. Montrose Basin, Angus
This is another route that offers a good view of different bird species, and it gets even better in the winter season. The best way to end this tour is the Montrose Basin visitor centre for some hot refreshments.

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