10 Things You Should Not do in Kerala

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Tropical paradise of Kerala is a dream destination of numerous globetrotters worldwide. Stunning backwaters, spices and tea plantations, gorgeous beaches, amazing national parks, and eye-catching wildlife are peculiarities of Kerala tourism that attract plenty of tourists to this Indian state every year. However, while exploring Kerala you need to take care of certain things to make your trip safe and enjoyable. And, if you are curious to learn what you should avoid during your upcoming holidays to Kerala, just give this post a read.

10 Improper Things You Should Avoid When Touring Through Kerala:

1 Paragliding & Swimming without Supervision

Swimming in the backwaters and paragliding unsupervised can prove dangerous. So, go for it under expert supervision.

2 Wearing Heavy Outfits & Drinking Tap Water

Weather in Kerala is quite hot and humid, particularly in May. So, wearing heavy outfits while traveling here is sure you make you feel uncomfortable. Avoid flaunting dark and heavy clothes, and go for cotton, light clothes. Also, avoid drinking tap water in Kerala. Drink only sealed bottled water. Carry your own water bottle when visiting various places in Kerala.

3 Being Unpunctual

When you have booked a cab or reserved a houseboat, stick to your given time when holidaying in Kerala. Keralites are some among the most punctual people who value your time as well as theirs. So, always be on time.

4 Trying To Travel Too Much In Very Few Days

Don’t try to cover plenty of destinations in very few days hastily. Instead, plan you trip properly by allotting appropriate time for each destination. Doing so, you can enjoy nature and various exciting things to do in Kerala pleasantly.

5 Traveling Without Medicines & Prescriptions

Make sure you carry all your prescribed medicines while touring through Kerala. Always prefer to carry your doctor’s prescription, as pharmacies in Kerala are quite strict and won’t provide you any medicine without a valid prescription.

6 Traveling In Heat with Babies Or Aged People

Traveling in heat with babies, toddlers, or aged people can spoil your enjoyable journey, as temples, palaces, and forts in Kerala need too much of climbing and walking. Shri Thiruvallur Statue and Padamnabhan Palace need you to climb plenty of stairs, while Vivekanand Memorial requires lot of walking.

7 Entering Houses Wearing Footwears

If you are visiting anyone’s house in Kerala, make sure you leave your footwear outside before getting into the house. Also, footwears are banned inside the temples.

8 Booking Hotels Directly On Arrival

Booking hotels directly on your own or on arrival to Kerala can cost you a lot or disappoint you. So, book Kerala packages of a reputed travel company and enjoy comfortable stay. Also, enjoy holidaying in a houseboat with its advance booking.

9 Littering & Spitting

Strictly avoid littering, spitting, and smoking in Kerala, as Keralites follow high standards of cleanliness. They maintain their railways stations, zoos, and other areas very clean, and they have cameras everywhere to catch those who litter. Also, do not feed or disturb the animals in zoos and Periyar National Park.

10 Traveling Late Night

Even though Kerala is popular for law and order, avoid exploring remote areas in dark hours. After 7 pm, fog may cover the road and it may risk your excursion.

So, by keeping these important things in mind, book one of the Kerala packages and make your vacations safe and memorable for the lifetime.

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