10 things that make Andaman a Perfect Honeymoon Destination

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

The gorgeous islands of Andaman are unlike other beach destinations anywhere in and around India. With over ‘N’ number of islands scattered away from the coast of India, Andaman is an abundance of clear blue waters, white sandy beaches and lush green rainforests. And that’s why all you newly married couples or the ones wondering where and how to revive and redefine your romance, we give you Andaman in all its pristine glory.

  1. The Beaches
    Known for its spectacular beaches like Radhanagar beach in the Havelock Island is between azure clear waters of Bay of Bengal and lush green forest, making it the paradise on earth. The Kala Pathar beach is also one of the most romantic secluded places, far away from the maddening crowd.
  2. Campbell Bay
    A biosphere home to some of the most exotic species like the robber crab, Nicobar pigeon and hornbill, this romantic getaway is located in Nicobar in a quaint village surrounded by greenery. You can experience safari rides in the Nicobar Biosphere Reserve.
  3. Coral Reefs
    Want to dare your partner to some adventure? Then head to Red Skin or Jolly Buoy to witness the splendid coral reefs underneath the sea. Challenge your significant other to snorkeling or a scuba diving and get awed by Andaman’s aquatic beauty.
  4. Greenery of Andaman
    It isn’t just known for its awe-inspiring beaches and clean beaches. It’s a treasure trove of nature’s abundance with dense forests, limestone caves and mud volcanoes.
  5. Exotic Resorts
    From seaside resorts at Havelock Island to cottages and villas with breathtaking views in Port Blair, coupled with warm and cozy service and culture, this is the destination for all the couples looking for a laidback rejuvenation time.
  6. Exotic Food
    If you are that foodie couple, it cannot get better than this. Indulge yourself in some exotic sea food flavours and cuisines of the island. In fact several renowned eateries will serve all kinds of sea-food options to you.
  7. Breathtaking Biodiversity
    Blessed with a magnificent natural world underneath all that clear blue water and tropical rain forest, if you and your other half are true fans of Mother Nature, Andaman is THE place for you.
  8. Cinque Island
    A more secluded tourist site located in the alluring islands of the Andaman, if you are the kind of couple looking for privacy and peace, this is the appropriate island for you, with its serene surroundings.
  9. Barren Island
    Best known as one of the most active volcano in South Asia, you want to experience nature up close and personal, with fruits bats and pink tailed rats and fishes around you? Then make sure to take permission from the forest department of the region on prior.

So without further ado, reserve your holiday and fly away with your other half to the stunning beauty that is Andaman. We have painted enough reasons to lure you anyway. Pack your bags and head to Andaman! Choose from our wide range of Andaman tour packages and explore the best of Andaman tourism!

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