10 Reasons Why We All Love Singapore

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Singapore is a tourist destination where people come to experience many facets of this amazing nation. Rich not just in materialistic terms but also in terms of culture, history, and natural heritage, Singapore is flocked by tourists all year round. Here is a list of 10 reasons why we all love Singapore featuring points that your typical Singapore tour packages usually don’t cover.

1. Singapore is Safe

Singapore safety

This isn’t something you will generally find in a travel-related piece of writing, and yet this is one of the major reasons why we love Singapore. With the increasing trend of backpackers travelling solo, Singapore’s orderly society is a huge plus for its tourism industry.

2. Singapore is culturally diverse

Cultural Diversity in Singapore

We travel not just to see new places, but also to witness and learn from different cultures. Singapore is a melting pot of cultures where each one of them is influenced by the rest yet preserves its distinctness.

3. The View from Marina Bay

Marina Bay Singapore

A Singapore city tour is incomplete without a visit to the Marina Bay. The attraction itself is extremely charming, but most of its charm lies in the views it commands. An evening spent at Marina Bay soaking in the grandeur of the city’s skyline is nothing short of magical.

4. The Extraordinary Food Options

Singaporean Food

Be it the adventure of eating street food or the feeling of indulging at a fine dining restaurant, options for food in Singapore are overwhelmingly large. Indeed a foodie’s paradise, Singapore offers some of the best delicacies of the world.

5. Singapore’s Mind-Blowing Nightlife

Nightlife in Singapore

Directly linked to the fact that the island is extremely safe for locals and tourists, the nightlife in Singapore buzzes with thrill and excitement. Clubs, restaurants, and shops everything remains open until the wee hours of the night, and folks can be found on streets at almost any time in Singapore.

6. Singapore’s Hawker Centres

Singapore Hawker Centres

One of those really different Singapore tourist places, the hawker centres must not be missed by anyone who visits here for a holiday. At any of the hundreds of hawker centres in Singapore, you will find delicious three-course meals for under SGD 10! It’s not just food that is offered at these centres. You will also get a glimpse into Singapore’s culture.

7. Singapore’s Alluring Architecture

Singapore architecture

Singapore, with its colonial-era style Raffles Hotel, futuristic residential buildings, and vintage Peranakan-era landscapes, is a sight to behold. Singapore’s multicultural architecture is just another proof of the excellence of its diverse yet peaceful society.

8. Singapore’s Astounding Greenery

Singapore greenery

Considering how technologically advanced Singapore is, calling it the City of Garden almost sounds like an oxymoron and yet it’s true. The landscape of this gorgeous city is dotted with lush patches.

9. Singapore’s Orchard Road

Singapore Orchard Road

It is rare to find inexpensive and local brands as well as powerful international ones in the same neighbourhood, but Singapore manages to have that in a single street. Orchard Road, with its endless shops and boutiques, is truly a shopaholic’s dream come true.

10. Singapore is Spectacularly Clean

Singapore clean city

Yet another reason why all of us love Singapore is the fact that it’s squeaky clean. From the best places to visit in Singapore to just an average street, every corner of this city is equally clean.

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