10 Cool Street Art Spots in Europe

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Street art has recently gained prominence, and there is a cultural rebirth for this form of art, especially in Europe. Today’s graffiti artists capture the global social and political scenarios and grab the attention of travelers.

Given below is a list of some great street art spots all over Europe.

  1. Ghent, Belgium

This city shows a lot of creativity and has some stunning street art and graffiti. Two art schools have also been established in this region. You may find the location for all the artwork on the Concrete Canvas tour map, which will be useful for your Europe Trip.

  1. Magdeburg, Germany

Sinnlichkeit is one of the biggest German art festivals held in Magdeburg. It is located at the site of a former jail. It opened its doors on 6th June 2015. More than 200 artists have portrayed their work in the cells of this unique art festival. A part of this project is called Antimurals, and it has large art done on outer walls of the jail.

  1. Deol, Belgium

Doel is famous as a paradise for street art and graffiti. Doel is less than 30 km from Antwerp, which is an important part of many Europe Tour Packages. Doel is a largely abandoned village, which is why it attracts many street artists.

  1. San Basilio, Rome

Situated in northern Rome, San Basilio is a charming neighborhood. It has many beautiful murals because the region hosted renowned street artists like Liqen, Agostino Iacurci, and Hitnes who painted several murals here.

  1. Vitry-Sur-Seine, Paris

Vitry-Sur-Seine is a neighborhood in Paris that has witnessed immense growth in its street art scene. Most Europe packages have Paris in its itinerary, so you may take a trip here to check out the street art.

  1. Piedmont, Italy

This Italian city hosted the Street Alps Festival in October 2015. Many artists painted murals that now adorn the walls of the area.

  1. Valencia, Spain

Europe Tourism is increasing because of the influx of travelers who wish to see the street art. Valencia is a city that is full of street art. The neighborhood of Carmen is a great spot to look at some wonderful art too.

  1. Ostiense district, Rome 

This part of town, in Rome, has seen some truly iconic street art. The street of Via del Porto Fluviale is where you can find the core and soul of Ostiense’s colorful revolution. You can find artwork by legendary artists like JBRock and Sten&lex here.

  1. Madrid, Spain

The Tabacalera factory is an old tobacco factory surrounded by amazing street art. The area has a great collection of many different types and forms of street art.

  1. Copenhagen, Denmark

Christiania is a gorgeous town in Copenhagen, which is worth a visit just for its magnificent and thought-provoking street art and graffiti. But this part of Copenhagen has a lot to offer to its travelers.

Art is everywhere! So the next time you’re thinking of places to visit in Europe, do not forget to add a street art tour to your itinerary.

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